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Week 12
~ A Recap

IsaacHere's a little recap for the past weeks:

For starters . . . I'm a Hypochondriac: A person who has hypochondriasis, a disorder characterized by a preoccupation with body functions and the interpretation of normal body sensations (such as sweating) or minor abnormalities (such as minor aches and pains) as portending problems of major medical moment. Reassurance by physicians and others only serves to increase the hypochondriac's persistent anxiety about their health. So basically, I constantly think something is wrong!! So being related to a doctor, he gets visits from me often!

Let's back up to October, and here's where the journey begins. It was my typical day of the week. Isaac was at school, Hallie was playing in her room, and I was doing normal daily chores around the house. All of a sudden my chest started to ache. I had been having some heartburn but ironically avoided it. So of course I knew with chest pain it was bad . . . I was having a heart attack. So I grabbed Hallie, my purse and was headed to the doctor's office! After sitting in the room, scared, waiting for my results, I found out it was H.Pylori which is a bacteria that affects the stomach and has to be resolved by a round of therapy medicine. Generally you get this bacteria from a salad! So much for trying to diet. Of course, all my symptoms were nothing more than a G.I. infection, not a heart attack!! Sheww that was a close one!! Can we say Horse pills? The therapy pack I had to take contained 8 pills a day and I had to take 15 days worth!!

Skipping ahead, day 5, I learned I was allergic to penicillin. It was horrible. I don't know which was worse . . . the itchy welts the size of quarters on my body or the fact that my face looked like a balloon!! So of course I went back to the doctor and they switched the amoxicillin to something different. I take birth control so certain medication, such as antibiotics, can interfere with the effectiveness. The prevacid pack had no sticker indication that it would mess with my pill, but the new prescription did! So I decided to tough my chest pain out and not take the new prescription, on account it would mess my birth control up.

HallieSkipping ahead . . . it's November and I notice my friend hasn't came to visit yet. I think to myself, Am I pregnant? Nah, I didn't take that second prescription . . . I'm fine. But the more I think about it, I'm convinced, either I am or something is terribly wrong!! So I go to Wal-Mart, and I buy a 2-pack test. When I get home, I take a deep breath, open the package, and take the test. As I sit there, I watch the lines slowly show up. It's negative and I thought, well maybe I'm not!! I'm one of those people who like to dissect the pregnancy test and look after the time limit. So it ended up being faintly positive! Well I thought, I've got another one and I'll take it in the morning. So I did and it was faintly positive before the time limit, and I didn't even dissect it!! Let's just say that amoxicillin does affect birth control, but I wouldn't have it any other way!!

From weeks 6 - 12, I experienced very bad All-Day sickness!! I never understood, the term "Morning Sickness." I mean I would've loved to just have "morning sickness" but mine was all day sickness and then some!! Those weeks are pretty much a blur, but now that I'm 13 weeks I can say, Bye bye saltines and ginger ale and hello cheeseburgers and fried dill pickle chips . . . yummy!!

I'm tired of rambling so stay tuned!! I'm going to take the "intelligender test" so I'll have lots to update next week, including all the joys and pains and emotions of pregnancy!!

Thanks and God bless . . .

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