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Week 13
~ Crazy, Crazy and More Crazy

Hanna and AmberHey guys!! The morning sickness has finally left the building, and I actually have energy too, which is weird considering Isaac and Hallie keep me so busy! This week has been crazy!! I went to my second doctor visit which went very well. My first visit consisted of all the fun blood work and urine test, so my second was more like my first because I got to see my doctor! I just absolutely love my doctor; he is hilarious! He walked in and said, "Well great news! You passed all the tests, everything is normal, no hepatitis, no AIDs, no diseases, and the rate of miscarriage dropped!!" The main thing to me was the baby's heartbeat, and it was perfect!

So about the "intelligender test" that my best friend Hanna insisted I take! It said "It's a Girl." Guess will have to see!! It's a really cool test though and very easy to read! I do have an ultrasound in a week and few days to try to see the gender! There is a place where I live, and they say they can determine the gender as early as 15 weeks! I'm going to try it! I know with Miss Hallie we tried to sneak a peak at around 14 weeks and they said she was a boy, but when I went back for my 20 week ultrasound, the thing they thought made her a boy fell off!! But you never know, I'm getting mixed opinions from people saying, "No they are not all developed," and some saying they are!! Soooo if anyone reading my journal has an opinion, please email me. I'm interested in knowing what other people think!!

Ellie and IssacWe also are in the process of laying all new floor in our house! We built our house three years ago, and this will be our third time re-laying floor!! It began with carpet, went to hardwood and now back to more carpet, for the new baby of course! I'm a very picky person and have O.C.D. if you can't already tell!! So picking out flooring has been a headache!! I've also made a new rule in my home, courtesy of my cousin Stacey, "no shoes past the mud room on account of all the nasty germs you step on outside!!"

Besides all the craziness this week, I think I'm beginning to feel the small butterfly movements, which of course makes up for every single day of being miserably sick!! I honestly thought I was going cuckoo though for thinking that I could be feeling something, until I got out one of my Preggo books, and it said in second and third pregnancies you can notice the small movements as early as 13 weeks!! That of course made me happy!!

Hallie and ChloeThe other thing that makes it evident that I'm definitely pregnant is my belly!! Oh my goodness, it's like it grew overnight, and it's funny because every time I eat, it looks my belly has grown even more. Isaac even asked me the other day, "Momma are you sure there's just one in there, it might be 5!!" The weird thing about it is, I've only gained three pounds so far; I'm guessing half is in my belly and half in my boobs, or my scale is wrong!! I'm ready to go shopping for more maternity clothes!! I've been looking at all the stores online too. I was big pregnant with Isaac and Hallie in the winter months, so I have no Summer maternity clothes!! It's definitely going to be different to be pregnant in the Summer!!

Anyhow I go back to the doctor next week, so I'll have more to tell ya then!! Thanks for reading and see ya next week!!!

God bless!!

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