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Week 15
~ We're Having a Baby Brother

We're having a baby brotherHey everyone, I'm 15 weeks and 6 days! I've noticed time really does fly, I can't believe I'm almost at the half way point!! I got really good news Monday, My blood work and urine came back great! There was no sign for pre-eclampsia, Woo Hoo!! My blood pressure is still staying elevated for some strange reason, hmm maybe because I'm constantly thinking about it and checking it!! Because my bottome number is staying at around 90, I'm still having to take the blood pressure medication, which is making me extremely tired and kinda depressed! Odd huh?

Since my blood pressure was so high last week, like I said before, I got to have another ultrasound today, and they are 100% positive it's a boy!! But of course I have a few skeptical family members who still say it's way too early and that thing that you can see sticking out could be a girl's part swollen!! Luckily I get to have another one at 20 weeks!! Now that I'm pretty sure our little one is a boy, I've been shopping online!! I have so much girl stuff, and not a thing boy!! So I definitely need to start!!

babyAfter my ultrasound today, my mom, Hanna and Hallie and I went to eat at Steak N Shake, which now I totally regret and because of the massive heartburn I'm having! Of course when I was ordering I was starving! I ordered some kind of hickory bbq burger with onions and bbq baked beans! My momma kept saying, "Now Amber, that is going to give you heartburn, get something else!" But all I was thinking about was how that picture on that menu looked and wasn't listening! You know what they say, "Mom is always right" Gosh I wish I would've listened!

Anyhow, I'm going to take some more Tums, take a warm bath, and lotion up with some Vitamin E! Talk to you next week!!

boy parts

God bless!!

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