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Week 16
~ Lots and Lots of Hair Bows

Hey guys!!

I'm getting closer and closer to the halfway point! For some odd reason, I've been craving pears and cherries! Weird huh? I go from greasy gast food to healthy food.

This week we've had lots of snow; Isaac only had school Monday! We spent an hour and a half last night working on a Valentine box, Valentines, and 24 cupcakes! He was heartbroken this morning when I told him there was no school. This pregnant lady didn't let those cupcakes go to waste though. I think there is maybe six left, and don't worry, I had help eating them! So today has been fruit, cupcakes, Solaz Teca (Mexican food) water and just 2 Dr. Peppers, shhh don't tell!! So nutritious! Since Isaac was so upset about missing the Valentine party, his little girlfriend Ellie came over to stay! (In the picture, they say they are "camping out")

Amber and LeslieSo like I had stated in the beginning, I have a website ( and make anything girlie . . . tutus, boutique hair bows, bottle cap jewelry . . . you name it! The girl who does my ultrasounds ordered several to set up in her store so I'll be up late making bows tonight. I'm excited to take them to her tomorrow because I'm going to make sure this boy is still a boy!!

I'll talk to you all next week. I've got a long night a head of me. I'm going to have to make close to 100 hair bows. Wish me luck!! I'll stick new pictures up next week of the ultrasound I have tomorrow; we are going to do some 4d shots!!

See ya next week!!

God bless!!

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