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Week 17
~ Strep Throat & Pregnancy DON'T MIX!

HallieHey guys!

Tomorrow is Miss Hallie bugs second birthday! Thankfully we are all well! I'm guessing you got the clue when you read my title "Strep Throat and Pregnancy Don't mix." Here is how the strep throat saga began.

Backing up to last Thursday. We hit a milestone with Miss Hallie when she decided to use the potty! I was watching Greys, and she came to me and said, "My pooped," so I of course check her and there was nothing there! So I said Hallie, you didn't poop, and she said, "Pooped now!!!" So, Michael looks at me and says take her to her potty seat! And boy when I did, she did what she said she was going to do!! So I had to take a few snap shots!! She will kill me one day for those pictures!! So needless to say, I got some little "Dora" and "Princess" panties for her birthday!!

smilingBut of course that's not how Thursday night ended! After Hallie did her business, I got her and Isaac ready for bed. As I was leaving the room, Isaac looks at me and says, "Momma my ear hurts, and it's not because I stuck something in it." So I sit there and think to myself "NOT AGAIN!" You see about a month ago, I had to pay a $150.00 ER visit, because Isaac decided to see how much play dough he could fit in his ear! Believe me he can fit a lot! Luckily as we were leaving the ER, the ER nurse gave us what the call a "Ear Spoon" to use in case Isaac decided to be "Brave" again. So I lay Isaac's head in my lap, grab my ear spoon and a lamp, and started "digging" (well that's what Isaac called it!). I got as much "toilet paper" out I as possibly could! Yep that's what I said, "toilet paper." He claims that Hallie told him to do it. But that was that, until around 3AM. Isaac woke up vomiting with a fever of 103. So by 8:30 I called his pediatrician, and headed that way.

eyesWhen I get there, the doctor looks him over, and I just know, being the "doctor" I am, he has a terrible ear infection. WRONG! It's strep throat! Before you know it, Michael has it. Then Hallie gets it. And then I GET IT!!! Believe me when I say, being pregnant and having Strep Throat does not mix!! Here I am, just starving to death and my throat is swelled together!! It was horrible, horrible for me! But thank goodness we are all well, and just in time for Hallie's birthday party Saturday! We are doing Yo Gabba Gabba theme! Hallie is spoiled!! Just wait until next week when I put pictures up of her 3 tier Foofa Cake!

Next week will also be interesting because I go to the doctor and I get to have the scan. YAY! We should definitely know the sex! By the way, I did the "Best Baby Gender Test" and guess what it said--GIRL!!!! I did do some 4d profile shots last week that are AWESOME!! I love "Precious Views."

Well everyone I'll see you guys next week!! Got to go finish cleaning with Lysol. Say NO to Strep Throat!!

God bless!!

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