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Week 18
~ It's Official . . . He's All Boy!

HallieWe've had a hectic week! For starters Hallie's birthday parties went really good! We had two because she always gets way too much stuff. I counted a total of 40 outfits!! Guess we won't wear the same thing twice.

I had a doctor visit last Wednesday. I also an ultrasound. Everything looked great, and he looks perfect! Yep, he's definitely a boy!! I kept saying are you sure it's a boy, and about the time I said that we got a clear shot of boy parts. He had his legs spread open and there it was!! It was so large I was even worried it might not be normal! The sonographer even said, "That's the biggest penis I've ever seen!" That's nice to know huh?

Everything about my doctor visit was great, especially the fact I've only gained three pounds since my first visit!! I quit gaining at 14-15 weeks. But my doctor assured me that the weight would catch up sometime near the last three months! My weight was great but my Blood Pressure wasn't. It was 160/90! My urine was good. No Protein!! Because of my elevated BP, my doctor increased my dosage of one pill a day to two a day! So my fatigue has increased!

HallieHere's a funny story from the "Hypo" (Me)
So last week I went to the kitchen to take my blood pressure pill. There wasn't anything to drink except for OJ, Mountain Dew, water and milk. The smart thing to do would have been to drink "water"--I mean duh, I'm pregnant. But water and milk definitely didn't sound good, and when I look at Orange Juice I get heart burn so I didn't want that! So I opened a mountain dew, took my pill, and literally drank the 12 oz can in less then 10 minutes! About 15 minutes later I'm cleaning and I realize my heart is beating so fast, I feel like it's going to pop out of my chest. I thought I was dying! Me, thinking I'm dying!! That never happens!! So I sit there and think up every possibly thing BAD that could be causing it, and even Google "High Pulse and pregnancy"! I didn't get a good answer, so I call my sister! She knows exactly how I am, and how to calm me down! Within the first few minutes we "diagnosed" my pulse problem!! So the moral of this story is . . . Don't drink one of the most "caffeinated drinks" when you're pregnant.

That was my excitement for the week! So I'll talk to you guys next week!!

God Bless,

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