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Week 19
~ That's not Toothpaste; It's Vagisil

Hey guys!! I'm finally at the halfway point!! I'm feeling somewhat more energetic, but the baby is so low, that I'm still peeing all the time, so that symptom definitely is still with me! Another symptom that has started this week has been a lot of vaginal discharge!! All I can say is YUCK!!! I was beginning to think it was an infection, but in my book, "What to Expect When You're Expecting," it said it's normal and so did the nurse. Sorry if it's grossing you out by me talking about it! One thing that this yucky discharge does is makes you itch! So I called the pharmacy and they told me it was safe to use vagisil. So the next day I went and bought some.

Just about every female I know have used this stuff. So most of you reading this know that it comes in a tube and kind of resembles toothpaste. After I used the cream, I put it in a drawer for the very reason I didn't want any one to confuse it with tooth paste! I'm in the kitchen and Isaac yells for me to come to the bathroom. When I walk in, there is Hallie with the tube of vagisil in her mouth! She loves to brush her teeth, so I'm assuming she thought this was toothpaste. So of course I freak out and really freak out when I read the "get medical attention right away if ingested." I have The Poison Control Center in my cell (we've had to call on several different occasions, I'm very paranoid). So I have the phone on my ear and shoulder while I'm holding Hallie, trying to rinse her mouth out! Luckily the PCC said she would be fine as long as she didn't have an allergy to benzoicane, a numbing agent. So I got her little mouth cleaned out and was trying not to laugh at her because the benzoicane numbed her tongue so much that she walked around for about 30 minutes with her little tongue sticking out!

It doesn't stop there! I accidentally left the cream out. So it's bedtime and I'm laying there and all of a sudden Michael says, "What kind of nasty tooth paste is this?!" Yep you guessed it, Michael wasn't paying attention and used the vagisil as tooth paste!! Gosh what is it with men! Next time I'm sure he'll check the label!!

The baby has been really active! I'm still feeling the little tickling movements but I've also felt a few kicks. Isaac's birthday is tomorrow. I can't believe he is going to be 5! I'll probably cry because 5 is a milestone. We have a big party planned for next weekend. We are getting two large inflatables and a cotton candy machine. He did get an early birthday present last night. My husband and I couldn't resist! We got him a power wheels stinger xs. My sister and brother-in-law kept the kiddos last night so we could go and finish birthday shopping. When we were done shopping we dropped the gifts off at the house and stuck a big bow on the race car, so Isaac would see it when he walked in. He was so excited when he saw.

Well guys I'm going to head to bed. We have a big day tomorrow and family birthday party tomorrow night. I'm taking cupcakes to Isaac's school. We ordered the kids a large wood swing play sets with the club house, so Michael took a personal day and is going to try to work on it and hopefully get it done tomorrow. I'm going to supervise! Anyhow I'll talk to you guys next week!!

God bless!!!

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