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Weeks 20 & 21
~ Whatta Headache!

Hey everyone!!

IssacSorry I got a little behind!! We've had a crazy week and a half! I have a few more symptoms that have joined the long list of the others ones this week. "Shortness of Breath" and "Headaches" The shortness of breath comes anytime I'm up cleaning! Like I had stated in one of my previous entries, I'm OCD when it comes to cleaning; I get that from my cousin Stacey! When I'm cleaning I want it done right, that's why I do most of it by myself on account I'm so darn picky!! Isaac has caught on to my cleaning habits and when he's done playing in his room, he makes sure everything goes back to its place. Yep I'm one of those organized freaks too. wink Blocks go with blocks, cars go with cars, and everything has a place. Anyhow I have to take little breaks while cleaning. Another time the shortness of breath hits me is at church while we are singing. I feel awful because I always end up having to sit down during half of the song. The headaches started in the beginning of my pregnancy and had stopped. Since they've started back I was kind of worried that it might be due to my high blood pressure, but anytime one starts I check it and it's always around 130/85.

Isaac had a really good birthday, even though the rain interfered. Like I had said last entry, we rented the large inflatables and cotton candy machine. We had to go for plan b, because it ended up raining and the temp was in the low 40's. Luckily all 35 kids we invited didn't come. We had about half that but that was definitely enough! The party was moved inside, but the kids didn't mind. Of course being the spoiled rotten little boy he is, we went tonight and bought him a large inflatable trampoline. Something you would find in a kiddies gym! It holds up to four kids. And we took his girlfriend, Ellie, with us out for dinner. Of course Isaac called it a date! Gosh that makes me even more depressed; before you know it he will be to that stage. Okay I have to stop or I'm going to cry AGAIN!!

partyThis is going to be another busy week! Isaac has to go for a checkup at Vanderbilt Tuesday, and neither of us is excited about that. A brief history of my little guy . . . When I first found out I was pregnant with Hallie, Isaac started to have what seemed like stomach viruses every month, except they would start suddenly. He could be playing one minute and the next minute vomiting and screaming with pain. The first four months, his pediatrician said it was chronic stomach viruses. By October 2007 we found ourselves at the ER because Isaac had vomited so much it turned it to blood! It was horrible!! It didn't stop there; he has done this consistently since May of 2007, every single month. He hasn't gotten sick yet this month though, but last month was pretty bad!

Since May 2007, Issac's had about every test imaginable. He's had 4 endoscopies, colonoscopies, MRI, C-T Scans, you name it! For awhile he was getting blood work monthly! They diagnosed him with Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome. But because anytime Isaac gets sick It automatically turns into blood, he has to have routine endoscopies to make sure there isn't anything major going on, like Esophageal Cancer.

Here's a little story that I documented; I hope it touches others! It shows the innocence of a child, and how we all need childlike faith!

IsaacIsaac's Story

My 4 year old was diagnosed with Cyclic Vomiting syndrome a year and a half ago. He began having severe abdominal pain and vomiting blood every month since he was two. He is now almost 5 and he is doing considerably well, although he still gets sick each month.

My story starts here. We had been going from doctor to doctor and hospital to hospital. We ended up traveling to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital in Nashville, TN to see a gastroenterologist. After attending our first visit, they scheduled an endoscopy for a Thursday morning. Michael and I were terrified, but at the same time hoping we would know what was causing our baby to be in so much pain. I'll never forget the moment before they wheeled him out of the holding room. Michael and I held each other's hands and prayed for comfort and that little Isaac would be okay, with everything going as planned.

The test went very well except he had a small reaction to the anesthesia, which we didn't learn about until a later date. The next day was a very awkward day. I remember waking up at around 6 a.m. to find that my bed was shaking. I was terrified and convinced myself that my bed was possessed. I woke up Michael, but when he woke up it stopped. Of course I can't go back to sleep. I turn the TV on and to my surprise, they are announcing that in Indiana there had been an earthquake and parts of Kentucky had felt it. I was relieved, but the story doesn't stop there this is only the beginning.

At around lunch time, I had fed Hallie her bottle while Isaac finished lunch and began to color a picture. I called my cousin Stacey to talk about the "earthquake." I'll never forget what happened next; my eyes still fill with tears just by talking about it. As I'm talking on the phone, Isaac is sitting in front of me and all the sudden the room shakes (it was an aftershock), and Isaac begins singing "Hey Jesus, Hey Jesus." This is something I had never heard him sing, and at that time he had just turned 3. I looked at him and said, "Buddy, where did you hear that song?" His reply was, "Well, me and Tommy Clark were in a boat in the sky. Tommy Clark was giving me stickers, and we talked to Jesus and then Jesus made me better. So Tommy Clark and me were singing 'Hey Jesus.' Then, we got back in the boat, they checked my heart and it was up and then it went down. Jesus said run to your Mom." Then, Isaac said to me "I ran real fast Amber." (Yeah he calls me Amber!)

At this moment I'm in tears and Isaac looks up while laughing. I said "Isaac, what's so funny?" He told me, "Tommy was wearing a dress and him all better now. Mommy that sky was so beautiful." Thinking back, due to Isaac's sickness we had missed almost a month of church and we rarely ever missed. The pew behind us was once occupied by Tommy and Kay Clark. Isaac always loved to sit with them every now and then to get stickers. During our absence from church, Tommy had gotten really sick and had passed away. We had not told Isaac, and this happened maybe a week or so prior to Isaac's endoscopy. I ended up calling Mrs. Kay later that day and sharing my experience with what Isaac had told me. It was silent for a moment and then I remember her saying in a cheerful voice that her prayer was answered. I was confused and asked what she meant. She said she had been praying for a sign that Tommy was okay and in heaven. Hearing this from the innocence of a child was just the assurance she needed.

I leave my story saying we all need to have that faith that my young son has shown and the confidence that no matter what he faces in his life God will be right by his side. Jesus talks and walks with us every day, but because of our immaturity we sometimes can't hear or grasp it. I just pray that Isaac will continue to get well, and that maybe our experience will touch others.

Well everyone, I'm going to bed. I can't believe I'm almost 22 weeks!! See you all next week. God bless!!

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