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Week 22
~ Kicking and Screaming

Hey everyone!!

Issac getting his blood pressure takenI'm 22 weeks and these little flutters have turned into full blown kicks finally! Michael was so excited because he actually got to feel it last night. The baby kept on moving, and Michael was sure that if he tried to feel the baby kick, it would quit. But once he put his hand on my stomach his face lit up because he could feel him kicking.

So for a update on Isaac . . . The day that I wrote my last entry Isaac ended up having an episode that night. It was really bad, and his vomit ended up turning into blood! So of course, like I had stated last week, we were due for a checkup last Tuesday. We called ahead of time of the appointment and told his GI doctor about his vomiting episode, so they would be aware. His physical portion of his exam was normal, but his labs weren't! I got a call last Thursday night from the doctor, explaining that his past biopsies were abnormal and the blood work was not normal and he scheduled an endoscopy. So as I'm writing this entry, I'm in the waiting room at Vanderbilt Childrenís Hospital waiting for his procedure to take place. During all this commotion, my mom had a bowel obstruction on last Friday, so as you can tell we've had a very crazy busy week! I do ask that everyone keep Isaac and my mom in their prayers. We are also being sent to a neurologist tomorrow to have Isaac seen.

Issac in his scrubsI have a OB appointment Wednesday, and I'm so nervous because I think I have gained like 10 pounds or more. My new craving is cheeseburgers! I've been eating them everywhere too. It's totally not me, because I'm not a meat eater at all! I'm more of a salad and chocoholic. I'm trying my best to quit drinking Dr. Pepper but it's killing me. I'm addicted bad, and I've tried everything, sprite, flavored water, water with lemon, and nothing satisfies me!

Anyhow I hate to make this entry short, but Iím going to spend some time with Isaac before the endoscopy, then off to Opry Mills we go! He's wanting to go and make a build a bear. Once again please pray for my family! See you guys next week with updates and hopefully good news.

God Bless,

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