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Weeks 23 & 24
~ One Word . . . WOW!

Wow!! It's amazing how one word can sum up two weeks! Bear with me as this will probably be a LONG entry. I have so much to tell you about the last two weeks. First off I'm 6 months today!! Once again the Wow word comes in; it really is flying by!

So for an update on Isaac! It's been a really rough two weeks, which is one of the main reasons I haven't gotten to write my journal!

My last journal entry left off with us at the hospital with Isaac getting his endoscopy. The procedure went really well. The doctor told us after the test that there was a portion in his stomach he was concerned about, so he took several biopsies. And he found several spots where the bleeding is occurring, but doesn't have a reason to why it's happening. So that day ended well, but the next day wasn't so great.

Isaac's doctor called at about 4:00 in the afternoon, and said that his preliminary biopsy had come back and it was abnormal. I kid you not, it was maybe an hour later, and he called back and said that all 10 were abnormal, and contained a bacteria called, Helicobacter Pylori, which can become very bad if untreated, and it's linked to stomach cancer. His doctor then explained that this bacterium often has a resistance to antibiotics so in order to treat the bacteria properly it had to be done with two antibiotics at once. He said it's common to get one or two biopsies containing the bacteria but Isaac's was like wild fire! He couldn't believe every single one came back bad. Isaac is going to get rechecked either by another scope or another test to make sure the bacteria is gone in a few weeks. If it's not, he said there's a few other things he may try, one including a PICC line with medicine constantly going in, or even him being hospitalized. On the other hand he doesn't seem to think this has been the problem for the past three years which of course leaves me still wondering. He told us that the past endoscopies didn't show these bacteria. He did have a MRI and an EEG, and both were normal so I just hope and pray that it will just all go away and maybe this last time he got sick was the last time.

By the way, thanks so much for all the emails and prayers!

So for a little pregnancy talk . . . remember last week when I said I probably gained 10 pounds? Well I gained 8, so I'm at a total of 11 pounds so far, which is not bad. But I can't make a habit of 8-10 pounds each visit. So tonight for supper I ate Subway plus a Dr. Pepper, and a Snickers, but it was a small one. I'm going to have to be careful on the sweets the next few weeks though, considering I have to do the "Glucose Test" next visit. NOT FUN! I just hope I pass it. My sister failed it in her last pregnancy, and she said the second time around with the test is 10 times worse. And I really think that this baby is going to come out as a monkey for two reasons . . . One my heartburn is horrible!!! Even water gives me heartburn, so the baby will be covered in hair and two this baby is everywhere in my belly, and I'm talking strong kicks!!!

Tomorrow my best friend Kate is coming over with Isaac's best bud, Nathan, and we are going to paint eggs, and make Easter Basket cupcakes. Yummy! We had one Easter egg hunt last week and we have two to go to Sunday after church, one at my parents' and one a another family member's house!! I wish I could hunt the eggs; it's amazing how when I was little the prize eggs consisted of a few dollars and quarters, and now the prize eggs contain 20 and 50 dollar bills! Gosh they are spoiled!

I will see you guys next week!!

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