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Week 26

This week has been horrible!! Hallie and Isaac both had a stomach virus the beginning of the week . . . high fever, vomiting and of course diarrhea! I started showing symptoms yesterday and thought it was a stomach virus as well, or even morning sickness returning. It got really bad last night, and when I raced to bathroom to get sick and peed all over myself. KEGELS do not work for me! I even had a fever of 101.5. But in the end, I found out that mine was a UTI. I overlooked the back pain and cramping and peeing all the time. Hopefully this macobid will work soon!

So this week I have developed a new craving. It's very weird, I must have some kind of vitamin deficiency. The cravings are . . . plastic, but only the plastic that the inflatable pools or toys come in, and shoe leather!! I don't want to eat it, I just want to smell it. Gosh I'm a weirdo!!

I'm also very excited to announce that I'm going to be in a commercial that will air on channels TLC and Discovery Health Channel! It's going to be filmed in the next month. So I started my diet . . . Just kidding!! The commercial is being filmed for Precious Views, which is a 4d Ultrasound Business. I'm absolutely thrilled!! Before marriage and pregnancy I did a lot of modeling and several pageants. I was Miss US Teen Model, one of the 15 titles I hold. On top of that I'm getting my pregnancy modeling pictures taken next week, so I'll have to post some on my next journal entry. I'm going to be Precious Views' new Model!

Sorry I'm cutting my journal short this week. I'm going to go lay down and drink some Cranberry juice. YUCK!!! See you guys next week!!

God bless,

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