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Weeks 27 & 28

Only 12 weeks to go! I can't believe the baby will be here in less than three months!! There is so much stuff still left to do that it makes me crazy thinking about it. These past two weeks have just been lovely. I sound so convincing don't I? I'll start off with week 27.

Last week I had a regular prenatal visit, plus the Glucose Test. Well like I stated in my title, I don't like needles! I've had two children, and I'm still terrified of needles which doesn't make much sense, does it? Besides the test, my blood pressure was great, and no protein in my urine. My total weight gain for my pregnancy so far is 15 pounds. So I'm proud of myself! But I do know the last few months is when you really start gaining. By the way, I passed my test!! No diabetes! YAY!!

Now for this week. The heartburn is horrible, and I'm scared to death I'm going to OD on Tums. I pee just about every hour now, and the baby loves to kick in my pelvic area. At least I think it's feet; I guess it could be a hand or something. Either way it is so uncomfortable. And he has the hiccups all the time! It's neat to watch my belly when he has them.

Since I'm in my 28th week, I had to have my Rhogram shot. My blood type is O-, and from what I understand my blood type can reject the baby. So at 28 weeks I get a shot, and after delivery depending on the baby's blood type, I may have to have another one. Cross your fingers that I won't have to have another one. They hurt badly. Considering I had to have the shot after both my previous deliveries, I can almost bet I'll have another one. Fun, fun. I'm so thrilled!!

Here's an update on Mister Isaac, since I haven't really had time to respond to emails. He is doing really well! He did have something called C-diff (Bacterial infection in your colon caused by taking to many antibiotics), but he is finally recovering. We go back in May to have the scope redone to check for changes. I do ask that everyone still keep him in your prayers.
I'll see you all next week!

God bless,

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