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Amber's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 29 & 30
~ False Labor

I can't believe I only have 10 more weeks left until my due date! The time has just flown by. Now is the time it normally slows down, and it will seem like an eternity before he'll get here.

So I've had some excitement the past two weeks which is the main reason why I've gotten behind on my entries. For starters, I just knew I was in labor last Friday night. It all started at around 7:00 PM. On Fridays we normally eat out. It was Michael's turn to pick and of all things that boy can choose, he chose Mexican. Now don't get me wrong, I love Mexican food but not so much when I'm pregnant. It gives me heartburn x 10, gas x 10 and so on. I literally have to eat tums for dessert. After dinner we came home, and I did some unnecessary chores that could've waited, but you cant tell an OCD cleaner that! Afterwards, I went to bed but woke up around 1:00 AM with severe stomach cramps that radiated to my back. I got up and walked around but that made it worse, so I decided to take a shower. The shower didn't help, so I woke up Michael and told him I was in labor! Of course he is the calm one and told me to lay down and use my phone contraction counter. I took his advice and eventually fell back to sleep so obviously it was false labor. But me being my hypochondriac self had to go and get checked to make sure I wasn't dilated and we are CLOSED! So that's a good thing and that concludes my excitement for week 29!

Now for week 30 . . . I discussed in a previous entry how one child likes to stick things in his ears. On Tuesday, Hallie decided to stick a sweet tart up her nose! I was folding clothes, and Hallie was watching Dora, eating her sweet tarts. I noticed she was frantically trying to blow her nose so I say, "Hallie Bug what are you doing?" Her reply is, "Candy in my nose" You all know I'm an MD (NOT) so I decide to use my "ear spoon" and try to get this half eaten lime green sweet tart out (of all colors, it had to be green). I did nothing but push it farther in. So we loaded up and went to our family doctor. Sure enough he saw it, but I had pushed it too far so he couldn't get it either. We ended up going to an ENT the next day and of course they have some kind of nose sucker and got it right out. I think I need one of those to go with my ear spoon! Hopefully she won't attempt to do that again.

Anyhow I have a doctor visit next Wednesday and I'll have some updates for next week's entry. See you guys next week!

God bless,

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