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Amber's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 32 & 33
~ Me + Bedrest = Not going to WORK

Hey everyone!

33 weeksSorry I got a little behind again! We've been very busy. Isaac graduated preschool last week!! Of course with Isaac being my first born, and all the pregnancy hormones I have just cried and cried. He, of course was very excited because next year he gets to play on the big play ground.

We had a large cookout for Memorial Day, and we had close to 30 people. All the men played Cornhole while the kids played outside and the women stayed in the air conditioning. Everyone had a good time! I, of course, was constantly making sure everything was picked up and Clorox wiping things here and there. I've also learned that Miss Hallie is a fish when it comes to water. She loves the pool. It kind of scares me though because she just jumps right in.

I went to the doctor yesterday and am now considered high risk. My blood pressure was really high and I'm starting weekly visits now. My non-stress test looked good and I ended up having to have blood work and 24 hour urine. My blood work came back today, and it was good. I won't know about my urine until next week. He increased my blood pressure pill to 3 times a day. He also wants me on moderate bedrest. I also learned that I will be induced in 3-4 weeks.

After my visit yesterday, I think I spent $500.00 on car seat/stroller, swing, pack and play, and new bassinet. Now I only need the small stuff and of course diapers! My "Sprinkle" is next Saturday. Yeah my mom called it a "sprinkle" because I've had "showers" with the other two.

My photo shoot got moved to next week Monday. The photographer wanted to make sure my belly was large enough for the photos. By the way I gained another 2 pounds! Anyhow I'm going to go talk Michael into getting me a Chocolate Milkshake.

I will see you next week . . . I promise! Looks like we may only have three more weeks together, so I'll get on the ball of things. Talk to you guys next week!

God Bless,

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