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Amber's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 35 & 36
~ Full Moon! Fact or Fiction?

Hey everyone!

It's been so hectic the past few weeks! We had two weeks of Vacation Bible Sschool and our household passed around the stomach virus. So as you can already tell, things have been a little on the crazy side.

For starters, I go to my OB weekly now. For week 35, everything was great except for the fact that I gained four pounds in one week. My blood pressure was running normal. I had the biophysical ultrasound and the baby looked great. The ultrasound tech said the baby looked to weigh around 5 pounds and 4 ounces. Which is crazy!! I can't believe that he is already that big! I'm just worried with the weight I keep gaining--how much he will actually weigh when he is born? Isaac was born at 37 weeks and he weighed 7lbs 9 oz, and Hallie was 7lbs 4oz at 40 weeks. So I'm pretty sure he will outweigh the other two.

For my week 36 visit, everything went great as well. They did the Group B strep test and Dr. H checked my cervix. I learned that the baby is head down, and I'm very soft and about 50-60% thinned out. He also informed me that when I go into labor, it will be a quick one!

Anyhow sorry I'm cutting it short, but I have so much left to do! Since my blood pressure has been very cooperative, we've moved my induction day. But between me and you, I have my fingers crossed for tonight, since it's a Full Moon! We'll see! I'll either have a week 37 next week or a Birth Story!

See you guys soon!!

God Bless,

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