Amy's Pregnancy Journal
Amy and Christopher
StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Amy's pregnancy journal.

Amy (31) is the mother of Christopher (10) and Ashleigh (7). She and her husband, Anthony (33), have been together for 5 years and married almost a year. They were eagerly anticipating the birth of their first child together around September 27, 2007, and Austin made his appearance on September 20, 2007.

Amy's Journal Entries

Meet Amy

Weeks 1-6
Telling Work

Weeks 7-12
Ultrasounds, Heartbeats and Something Going on With My Kidneys

Week 13
Work, The Department of Transportation and Pregnancy

Week 14
Swelling and Dizziness

Week 15
First Week Out of Work

Week 16
Trip to the Doctor

Week 17
A Little Vacation

Week 18
Stomach Virus

Week 19
It's Hot!

Week 20

Week 21
Here We Go Again

Week 22
Discussing a Birth Plan

Week 23/24
Birth Plan

Week 25
It's Hot and I'm Missing Rain!

Week 26
Swelling and a Trip to the Doctor

Week 27
Hot, Miserable, and on Our Way to the Happiest Place on Earth

Week 28
Back From Disney

Week 29
I feel like a walking furnace!

Week 30
FINALLY!! Trip to the doctor and ready for baby

Week 31
Hanging in There!

Week 32
Ultrasound, dreams and praying for the ice age!

Week 33
Needing to Go Back and Read that Book From My Childhood . . .

Week 34
Headaches, Heat & Anxious for Baby

Week 35
Getting More Anxious and Stressed

Week 36
The Home Stretch

Week 37

Week 38
Induction Scheduled!

Week 39
Almost There!

Birth Story
Welcome Austin!

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