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Birth Story
~ Welcome Austin

AustinHello everyone! I am sorry it has taken a week to get around to writing this, but we have had our hands very full! Baby arrived safe and sound, even though we both had some scary moments and we almost needed a C section. He arrived after 16 hours of labor, and one push and a grunt was all it took to get him here.

As I left off last time, we were scheduled to go in for induction at midnight on the 19th to welcome our little boy into this big big world! My mom watched the kids that night and after some excitement, thanks to my brother blabbing and getting them BOTH wanting to come home with us and go to the hospital with us, I got them to stay with her anyway. After all of that, I tried desperately to get a nap before we went in, NO LUCK!! We left the house around 11:00 that night for our 20 minute or less drive to the hospital. I wanted to stop off and get some things like pretzels and crackers and soda (mainly because I have my preference for soft drinks and the only way I would be able to have it anytime at the hospital was to bring in my own!).

After this, and stopping for gas in the car, we went in to the hospital. I went in and they showed me to my room. My husband and I spent about 10 minutes unpacking what we needed in the labor room and then getting dressed. At midnight sharp, in walked a very sweet little nurse who proceeded to do all my paper work, put baby and me on the monitors, took my vitals and started my IV. I explained to her that I was very nervous about the IV induction and she was very understanding and reminded me she was right outside the door and I could have any of my pain relief options at anytime.

She started my pit drip at 12:30 AM, starting with a low dose and coming in every 20 to 30 minutes and upping the dose. Finally started feeling enough to know that it was starting to work around 3:00 that morning, when I asked for something to take the edge off and help me relax. She gave a shot of Demerol and I finally begin to rest a little. Around 4, they checked me and I was still dilated to a 3, and they told me I could have my epidural whenever I wanted it. I was afraid that I would not be able to get it, if I let the contractions get any closer or stronger so I told them I was ready now. Well, the anesthesiologist had one ahead of me, so I had to wait a few anyway. He came in, they ran my husband off, and proceeded to give me that wonderful invention around 5:00. It took around 15 minutes to actually get it in place, but I spent 45 minutes answering questions and signing permits giving them permission to give it to me. The epidural took wonderfully and once again, I was able to grab a little rest!

At around 7:30, in walks my doctor who says she is going to check me, break my water and put in the internal monitors. Not a big deal, I'm numb from the waist down! She tells me when she checks me, that my water was already leaking but we still had a good size pocket over the cervix and she was going to pop it to make baby's head drop down and put pressure on my cervix to help dilate it. She proceeded with the procedure and all seemed fine. Then an alarm went off on the fetal monitor. At first we thought something was wrong with the internal fetal monitor and that maybe it wasn't connected good or working right so I laid there for what seemed an eternity as they changed it. No good, his heart heart continued to fall. It went from 158 down to the mid 70's at the drop of a hat. My husband and walked out to update our families while all this was going on. They told me they needed to get me on all fours and get some oxygen in me. This was no easy task, with the epidural and even though I had the help of several people, I still managed to strain several major muscles in my back.

My husband came back into the room while this was going on to see me with my rear in the air and my doctor telling me we have to get the baby out now, we are gonna have to do a C section, and then hearing her tell my husband if he's going back with us, he had to go get ready NOW! He was rushed from the room and literally ran into the anesthesiologist who noticed how many people were in our room. He asked my husband if I was pushing already, and he told him no, the baby was in trouble and they were going to do a C-section. He walked in the room, and automatically saw the problem. He ran out, grabbed 2 shots of something, came back in saying that when he gave me my epidural, that my B/P was 128/92. Well, it had DROPPED to 70/30 and that was causing the baby to struggle. He popped those 2 shots in my IV, and within 15 seconds my baby's heart beat jumped from 30 beats per minute to the 150 range. My doctor was as scared as I was and grabbed my hand and was nearly crying. They had already prepped me for surgery and shaved me, and they had stopped the induction attempts. She agreed to let the labor go on as planned but at the next sign of a problem, she was taking him. All of this before 8:00 AM!!!

AustinWell, I was trying to relax and stay calm but I lost it once it was all over with. I cried like a baby realizing how closely I came to losing him. We are not sure if my blood pressure caused the problem or a combination of everything that was going on at the time, but we started labor over again even more gradual than the first attempt. I remember them coming in checking me several times through the day, and my husband waking me to ask if it was ok for some people to stick their heads in to see I was alright. I must have mumbled yes but they could not stay long in my sleep, I don't remember because here comes my mother in law and sister in law. They didn't stay long, and for that I am grateful.

We waited and waited, and around noon, I started to feel tinges of contractions on one side only. I told the nurse and they boosted my epidural and checked me - dilated to a 4 almost a 5. Around 2, I started feeling contractions again and pelvic pressure. They checked again, and I was a 6 which is where I stayed until sometime between 3:00 and 4:00 when the pelvic pressure became noticeable. I even asked my husband to look and see if he could see the baby's head! They came in and checked me too and told me I was completely dilated and at 3:55, the baby's head was crowning. They told me to hold on while they called the doctor who appeared less that 5 minutes later literally sliding sideways in to the labor room!

They had everything ready and when she got dressed and looked his head was halfway out! She said to not push with the contraction I was starting to have, that we'd push with the one that followed that one and that this was going to be very easy on me. We waited and I was told to grab behind my knees with the next push, I told them I couldn't reach my legs and someone told my husband to help push me up where I could reach them. I didn't even really try to push, and there was my baby's head. I grunted because I felt a little burning where the head came out and I tore, well my grunt was enough to apparently get the rest of his body out! The doctor scooped him up, suctioned him and told him happy birthday! All the while he is peeing all over her and 2 nurses. They then placed him on my belly to cut the cord and started rubbing him trying to get him to cry. The doctor said to hold on, she needed to 'spank' him. And took 2 fingers and tapped him on his bottom 3 or 4 times and he finally screamed one good time!

All I could do was cry, and count those little fingers and toes and stare into that beautiful little chubby face. Austin Paul arrived at 4:10 PM, September 20, 2007, and he weighed 8 lbs 13oz and was 19.5 inches long. This floored me when they told me, because he didn't look that big or feel that big laying on me or when I held him briefly! He continued to pee on everyone in the delivery room, including his daddy! He scored a 9 and a 9 on his APGAR test. Everyone was very impressed! They also tested his hearing, which I plan on putting in his baby book to use in the future when he learns to practice that 'selective hearing' that all children at one time develop!

I had to have some minor stitches due to tearing, and spent 3 days in the hospital. We did have some nursing issues because of the breast reduction. One nipple would not work at all, even when we could get him latched on. I decided that I was still going to do what I had to do to give my baby that start in life and resorted to pumping and bottle feeding. It has worked beautifully and even though the engorgement period was extremely painful, we are still doing it.

We took Austin to the doctor on Monday, following discharge and he had lost about 7oz from his birth weight but otherwise looked perfect. He was a tad jaundice but is looking better every day and will go back to the doctor at 2 weeks old unless he needs to earlier.

We didn't get to follow our birth plan all that much, mainly because of the scare earlier in labor, but the nurses did allow Christopher and Ashleigh to stand right outside the door and they were able to hear his first cries and were the first ones in the family to see and hold him other than me and my husband. They didn't mind and were not too disappointed they didn't get to see him actually be born. The doctor did show me my placenta this time and it was amazing. She told me that it was thick and went to great lengths to show us how it had worked for the past 9 months.

Now, we are home. He is eating like a little champ and seems to change every single day. He is a really good baby, only fusses when he is hungry and we don't get his bottle fast enough or when we have to change his diaper. He has managed to sprinkle everyone in the family in the week he has been here and nearly everything in our bedroom! He amazes me by how alert he is and how he has his own little habits already. Christopher and Ashleigh are so in love with him and can't wait to get home everyday to hold and feed him. They have told everyone all about their new baby brother! We are now a complete family, at least for the moment. I already miss being pregnant with him, but I am in no hurry to go through another one. I elected not to tie my tubes at delivery because I had a feeling that I might regret it.

I have enjoyed writing this journal and sharing my pregnancy with you all. I am now going to go and try and get me some much needed rest before my little one wakes up and wants some snuggle time with his mommy and his bottle! Thank you so much for sharing this amazing journey with me.

~ Amy

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