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~ Meet Amy

Amy and ChristopherHello, my Name is Amy. I am a 31 year old mother of two. My son Christopher is 10 years, and my daughter Ashleigh is 7 years. I am married to my husband Anthony (33); we've been together for nearly 5 years (married 7 months.) This is my second marriage and my husband's first. We took our relationship very slow and were engaged for over a year before we got married. We knew we wanted a baby right away, mainly because of our ages (I know 31 and 33 is not OLD but we were looking at how old we would be when this one was grown and graduating high school and HOPEFULLY college), but also because of my father who's health was failing very fast at the time. I wanted our child to be able to at least meet my dad. That was not to be though.

We were told at first when we first decided to make sure we were both able physically to have a baby, that my husband had a very low sperm count and almost no motility with his sperm. I was also under a lot of stress with everything that was going on with my dad and actually completely stopped having my monthly cycles. My father passed away on November 12 of a heart attack, even with all the health problems he had been fighting and we were kind of expecting it. It shocked us all and was sudden. My doctor had told me that with the stress of losing my dad, the holidays and trying to conceive, that it was probably the stress of all that and just everyday life that was causing me not to have my cycle. I went to nursing school and everything I had ever read or understood about trying to get pregnant told me you had to have a period in order to end your old cycle and to begin a new one. My doctor told me that if I did not start within a week or so after New Year's, to call and make an appointment. We would repeat all the pregnancy testing they had been doing for the past 3 months, all of which were negative and if they still showed negative, we'd start medication to get my body back on track.

I went in on January 19, 2007 and did all the routine stuff, almost laughing when I told the lady in the lab that the urine test was not necessary because I had just taken one two days before and it was negative at home. I handed her the cup, and before I took 3 steps away from her, she said, "ours is positive." I know I screamed "WHAT??" because I was shocked. She told me it was no big deal, they would do an ultrasound and I would see the doctor etc . . . Then she sent me to the waiting room to wait. I called my husband who was at home waiting on our kids to get off the school bus. I told him, "I need you up here now." He asked me why? I did not want to tell him I was pregnant over the phone; it's kinda funny, but you have ideas of how you want to tell the man in your life he is going to be a father, this was not how I wanted it done. I said, "just get up here soon." He kept asking are you ok? What is wrong? I finally just came out and said, "they know what's wrong with me." He started asking if they were talking surgery, what was wrong, could it be fixed... I told him they aren't talking surgery, I can't tell you what's wrong and there is really nothing to fix. I then told him we are going to have a baby. He came to the office after dropping the kids off at my mom's and arrived after the ultrasound, but just in time to talk to the doctor. The conversation ended with the doctor telling my husband that he apparently knew enough about reproduction to get me there and thanked him for doing so.

The kids are very excited about the new baby. They can't agree on if they think a brother or sister would be better; as for us we really do not have a preference as to what the baby is. We are just hoping for a healthy and happy baby. Both of my other pregnancies were very uneventful, I had no morning sickness, no swelling or blood pressure problems. The only problems I really had were third trimester UTIs that would not clear up, and around 35 weeks irregular labor that required medication to stop. Both of my other children were born in my 37th week of pregnancy, and both were born with no health problems.

I also forgot to mention that I am a truck driver by profession. Yes, I did go to nursing school and all, but I found the joys of traveling and seeing the country and getting paid to do so. I haven't traveled over the road in nearly three years, I have been driving locally for a company in my home town ever since. I am one of four female drivers working for this company, and for this reason I have decided to share with StorkNet and its readers my experiences with being pregnant in a very male dominated work environment. I have been open and honest with my employer about my pregnancy from the beginning, and while I have been somewhat made to feel that they are a little afraid of my condition, and I have also been met with some unusual requests, I am also being met with some excellent understanding by others. I look forward to sharing this pregnancy with you all!!

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