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Week 15
~ First Week Out of Work

Not a lot going on this week, kinda avoiding work right now because I needed some down time from them. Still having dizziness but I'm learning to cope with it. I find when I start to feel dizzy, if I will sit down or possibly lay down for a few it seems to go away. I decided that I was going to start working around the house, packing up the kids winter clothes this week and going through what they had outgrown and passing them down to nieces and nephews in the family that could get some use out of them. My kids have really grown this year. My son, has probably grown 8 inches in height (probably 3 or 4 of those inches since Christmas) and put on maybe 10 lbs. My daughter, is getting taller but not gaining as much weight as I or her doctor would like to see. She is 7 and only weighs 40 lbs. She has been put on a high calorie and high protein diet and has been taken completely off any fast food and all junk food except for the occasional RARE treat.

I'm not complaining about the loss of convienence food, since I got pregnant even my favorite foods (mexican, Italian, Chinese etc..) have lost all appeal to me. I want veggies, fruits and meat. My husband teases me telling me I'm suppose to be growing a chubby baby not a muscled up one. I tell everyone making a baby takes a lot of hard work! I am going next week to have my teeth checked. With my other 2 kids and my fear of the dentist, I neglected my mouth, I felt I was taking care of my teeth, but by the time they delivered and with my allergies to milk, I had a mouth full of cavities. This time I am being extremely careful about my mouth. I cannot stress the importance of taking care of your mouth at any time in your life, but especially while pregnant. They are learning more and more all the time that the health of your mouth and teeth, it can lead to heart problems, and who knows what else. I personally would rather avoid something like a problem with my heart and still have a healthy mouth!

I have also decided that I am going to treat myself this week to a massage. I have found a lady that specializes in pregnancy massages. I am hoping that she will be good and also offer to let my husband attend my massage sessions so hopefully he can learn effective ways in helping me with pregnancy aches and pains and eventually labor. I want to try to labor as much as possible on my own this time; I feel that with the other 2 some of the meds I took prolonged my labor. Don't get me wrong, I am all for the epidural!! I am human and while yes, childbirth is natural and wonderful, it hurts! I plan on involving my kids as much as possible in every aspect of this baby being born; I don't want my kids to see me lose it in the middle of a contraction. I know it's funny to be thinking about stuff this early on in pregnancy, but given my other two experiences with birth I could be almost half way here in a few weeks.

Baby is still moving, movements aren't real strong yet, and some days I feel them better than others, but I am really starting to feel pregnant. It's strange; I've seen my baby, I've heard the heartbeat, and I feel my body changing and my clothes getting snug in the waist and even in the bust of my tops, but I still did not feel pregnant until I started feeling those little flutters.

OH!! I am also meeting with a lactation consultant next week. I may have not mentioned earlier that I had breast reduction almost 2 years ago. I had a really horrible time with my reduction and it took (so far) three surgeries to get them well. I would love to breastfeed our child just as I did the other two, but I knew before I had the surgery that it may or may not be possible (that was before the complications.) I also do not know if I want to risk damaging them again or if I want to risk them going from the size they are now, to possibly bigger than they were before. (I went from a 38 E to a 36 C) I will post more about that later; don't know if anyone has been down this road I'm going down before, I'm sure they have but are they reading this journal?

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