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Week 17
~ A Little Vacation

Sorry I am a little late posting this week. We decided to go to the beach for a few days because it was wonderful race week here where we live. This is the first chance I've had to get online between walking the beach picking up shells and just relaxing! Still having some problems with dizziness and swelling in my legs and now my blood pressure is a little too high instead of too low! I can't win for trying. I feel myself getting a little short of breath when I walk a long distance or I am real active. I know all this is a normal part of pregnancy, but I find myself absolutely dreading the next several months with the heat of summer, the last part of the second trimester and the entire third trimester!! My other two pregnancies resulted in a January and a November delivery.

The baby is still moving a good bit; we find out in about three weeks if we are getting a boy or a girl. We have agreed on a girl name finally: Emmaleigh Grace. (prounounced the same as Emily) I wanted Emma, my dear husband wanted Emily. Since we have so many people in our family with the middle name Lee, we decided on that name. My daughter is thrilled, because her name is Ashleigh and it is spelled like her's. (Keep in mind, she's 7 and all she is looking at is the -leigh part) For a boy, we agreed on Austin Levi, but I feel that it is important to honor my father with passing his name on to a son if that is what we are blessed with. So we are still working on that.

I am still having some moments with my employer, but with me not working I do not have to deal with it as much as I was when I was working. We had a safety banquet there last weekend and everyone kept asking me when I was coming back and all. I thought to myself, "And miss the peace and relaxation and stress free life I am living now??? Not any sooner than I have to." I do miss going to all the places I went to, and seeing the people I worked with, but nothing is worth some of the stuff I've dealt with. I am starting to get ready for baby, buying stuff that you really do not need to know if the baby is a boy or girl to buy.

I have been doing some research on bottles and had decided on going with the Avent bottle feeding system. My sister who works in a daycare center and used them with her son and the lactation consultant at the hospital I will be delivering at recommended them. But when I went looking, I was not expecting them to be quite that pricey. Although I am for giving my baby the absolute best I can, the price caught me a little offguard when I got to considering buying so many 4 oz bottles, then so many 9 oz and so on. I've decided I will probably buy just a handfull of the 4 oz ones just because babies tend to meet that feeding capacity fairly early on and pass it. I am mainly stocking up on the 9 oz. bottles and 11 oz for later on. As I said earlier, I know breast is best but due to some circumstances I am not too sure I even want to attempt to breastfeed this baby.

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