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Week 19
~ It's Hot!

I knew it was coming . . . I knew it was not going to be easy, summer in Alabama is ALWAYS hot. With both of my other pregnancies, I was either in my first trimester or at the most the early part of my second trimester. This one is due in September, and September here is still unbearably hot! This week, we are having some really strange weather, we end up running our heat at night since we are averaging 40 degree mornings. By 9 or so, it's pushing 80 sometimes 90. We haven't had any rain, or even clouds. Everything is burning up here. I am wondering how I am going to make it another few months before the baby is due!

We find out hopefully next week what we are expecting. It will make things a lot easier to shop for, and all. I am personally sick of looking at greens, yellows and whites!

The kids are getting out of school in another two weeks and are looking so forward to it. My side of the family has decided to have a cookout/baby shower for the baby the weekend after the fourth of July. I am really looking forward to it. We've been discussing names for the baby too this week. We have decided on a name for each, but I am insisting that we come up with at least one other alternative for each just to be safe. So far, if we have a boy his name will be Elijah Paul; my husband likes Elijah, and I want Paul in honor and memory of my daddy who passed away this past November. I am so happy that we are having this baby, but my dad was so attached to all his other grandchildren, that when I think about the baby coming and him not being here, it really hurts and upsets me. If we have a little girl, her name (so far) will be Emmaleigh Grace. I love the name Emma, but we decided on Emmaleigh, so that she would be different and since Lee, is in a lot of our family members names, it just kinda went for us. My daughter LOVES it because her name is spelled Ashleigh, so she thinks the baby will be named in a way, after her!

Not a lot is going on baby wise. It is definitely getting bigger and stronger, and seems to move constantly! My husband and the kids take turns at night, lightly laying their head on my tummy, talking and singing and reading to the baby. And the baby seems to enjoy it and reacts to it. I don't know if babies this age can hear or not but it does move and react to it! I am watching my weight gain. As of my last doctor's appointment, I had not gained any weight so far during this pregnancy. Which is fine by me, the baby is growing and I'm not losing weight. The doctor said sometimes that was completely normal and nothing to worry about!

Until next week, have a blessed week!

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