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Amy's Pregnancy Journal

Week 20
~ Ultrasound

Not a lot going on right now. The baby is getting more and more active everyday. It's interesting to see how the baby is developing very unique sleeping habits. The movements are finally strong enough that if they are in the right place, you can actually see my tummy move. I am loving it! I got over that stomach virus and was immediately slapped with the worst summer cold I think I've ever had. I haven't been resting well because of it. Every time I lay down I have terrible coughing spells and have actually had more incidents of getting sick and tossing my cookies with this cold, than I had when I had my morning sickness!

Everyone finally got the answer to their unanswered question. We had the ultrasound done yesterday, and found out that we have a little boy on the way! Both of my kids could not agree on what they wanted (brother or sister) and when I saw on the screen the answer, I hesitated for a moment while I waited on my daughter's reaction to it. She seemed a little stunned for a split second and then smiled the biggest smile and announced to the room that she would not have to share any of her toys because she was getting a brother. When I knew she was ok with it, it was a huge relief to me! I knew I would disappoint one or the other, but she seemed ok with the news. I asked the ultrasound tech to tell my son first if it was a boy, and my daughter if it was a girl. So when she pulled him to her, to whisper it in his ear, I knew what that meant even though I was starring at the proof that was very evident as to what we had on the way. His face was priceless, his eyes got so big and you could just see the excitement run through his body. He then leaned down and told his sister, who then yoyfully announced it to the room and I believe, the entire doctor's office! My husband's parents were with us as was his sister. I do recommend anyone who is going in for something like this to watch your crowd. They got really loud people and I literally had to tell them to shut up so that I could hear the baby's heartbeat yesterday.

My husband and I had been having a discussion about labor and birth for a few weeks and we had started working on a birth plan, which I am going to try and post in the next few weeks. One thing that we had a slight problem with was me telling him I did not want anyone at the hospital while I was in labor (however long that may be) until we knew the birth was getting close. I told him I didn't want people up there visiting and socializing and all while I was laying there trying to get through labor like we were at a holiday dinner at our folks' house. He of course views it as me trying to not involve anyone. We are still working on that. His mom also got mad when I flat out told her that as far as pain management, I would be the one that made all the calls as far as pain relief was concerned, not him or anyone else. She said I was not including him (hello? who is the one actually giving birth?). I am not going to say I am going natural with this birth; the only way I will is if there is a complication and it becomes dangerous, or if there just is not enough time for an epidural or whatever. My husband agrees with me and supports that part being my call, but his family is a whole different story. I told him after the ultrasound, that I was not going through that again; I wasn't trying to be ugly but everyone could wait at home and then in the waiting room for the baby to be born. Then they could visit. Not trying to be ugly, I just think certain things should be private and I definitely do not want to get up to go potty in a hospital gown with my father-in-law in the room and my rear end shining to the world!

The baby is right on track according to the ultrasound, with his weight gain. They estimated he weighed 13 ounces yesterday. His length though is nearly 3 inches longer than the average size of a baby his gestational age. His little head is also measuring about 2 weeks ahead of his current due date. I voiced my concern to the doctor, because I was told with my first baby that I would not be able to have a vaginal birth with a child bigger than about 7 and a half pounds. She promised me that we would watch him very closely over the next few months, and she would not put me through a long labor, just to end up with a c-section. We will just play it by ear.

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