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Week 21
~ Here We Go Again

This week has been really tough! It started out Monday, with my daughter saying her stomach hurt. Monday night, she started in with a stomach virus. By Tuesday morning, she was dehydrated, still sick and unable to keep anything down. Tried to take her to the doctor, who was out of town and after a 4 hour trip to the emergency room, she was admitted into the hospital. Neither of us got any sleep Monday night, and so we were both walking zombies all day Tuesday! They would only give her clear liquids while in the hospital, and were constantly bringing me food. That is the hardest thing I've ever had to do, was eat in front of her and tell her she could not have anything. They were trying to rest her stomach and give the virus a chance to pass, but a child knows when they are hungry and to deny them food is not right.

All night Tuesday, they were in her hospital room, either taking her vitals, weighing her, trying to get her to go potty, turning off the alarm on her IV, or taking blood or waking me to ask me questions about her that should have been asked when she was admitted. She also had a few bouts with nauesa during the night too. SO two nights with very little sleep at all for both of us.

Wednesday morning, she got discharged FINALLY around 11:30. All she has done since she has gotten home is sleep and snack which is a good thing. A few months ago, I had to take her to the doctor because she was not gaining any weight. We found out at the hospital that she had gained nearly 10 lbs in two months! She weighed 41, now she weighs 50.

The baby has been extremely active this week. I have to go to the doctor Friday because I have a spot on my belly that is extremely tender. We are afraid I may have a hernia. When I was getting over my stomach virus and my summer cold, I had a coughing spell and felt a sharp, burning sudden pain. So we will see. I am extremely tired and in need of some rest! So while my daughter is napping I think I will do the same.

I hope next week is better than the past couple have been!

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