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Week 25
~ It's Hot and I'm Missing Rain!

Well, it is now the week of June 6, 2007. It is unreal how hot it is here! We have not had rain here, since around the end of April and first of May. It has rained here, a little. No more than a passing shower that might last 2 minutes at most! Right now I would love to have an all night thunderstorm just to kinda cool things down a little and get the smoke from the wild fires in south Georgia we are getting out of the air.

Everyone knows that your body does some STRANGE things when you're pregnant. Your feet seem to grow, your hair and everything gets affected by those crazy hormones. A problem I have never had with a pregnancy has been trouble with my sinuses and nose. Every since I got pregnant, if I am not dealing with a runny nose, it's stuffy and either way it goes, I have experienced something I never have experienced in my life: nose bleeds. None have been seriously bad yet, but I am having a difficult time coping with them.

We had some excitement this past weekend. I had a few contractions. I know they say that your uterus starts 'practicing' almost from conception according to some things I have read, but it gave me a quick reality check that D day is getting closer. It also gave me a reality check as to how my hubby and kids are going to handle it when the time finally comes. I sat there, having these cramp thingy's and every time I told my husband I was having one, he started getting nervous and pacing the floor! He didn't know how to time them or anything, so I was alone in that department, but we did turn it into a learning experience. He has been shown how to time them. Now we just need to practice, to prepare him to perform under pressure. The kids learned what to do real quick. Be quiet, don't bother mom any more than you have to, it's ok to ask if she needs anything or whatever, but mom needs room to work through all of those pesky contractions!

It also brought up an interesting thought: should we take the child birth classes offered at our hospital? I have given birth twice and taken the class three times already. Twice while I was expecting and once with a friend whose hubby was overseas at the time. The only thing different about the hospital, is they built a new Women's and Children's pavilion about a year after my last birth. And while everything is pretty much the same as it was before, the tour of the new building would be nice. Not to mention my husband has never been through it; if we do take the classes, it will be for those two reasons only. I am not one of those who is even considering natural child birth; I plan on staying home for a little while, but heading to the hospital before things start getting really intense. I do plan on having an epidural. Mainly because if the kids are in the room, I don't want to risk losing it completely with them watching! I want this to be a bonding experience and learning experience not a real life nightmare.

We have a shower date planned for the weekend we come back from Disney World and we are looking so forward to it. Kinda a small family affair, and a couples type shower, with a cookout and everything. It should be different but will definitely be fun. We are going to try next week to start getting ready for our trip, we have 3 weeks until we leave and I do not wanna wait until the last minute to get ready.

Baby seems to be getting stronger and stronger everyday. He seems to have plenty of room to still move around because it seems he is kicking everywhere! Sometimes he kicks high, sometimes he kicks really low. Other times it's in the middle and everywhere else. He's also developing a habit that if daddy puts his hand on my tummy he kicks and if I roll over at night and put my tummy up against daddy's back, he kicks him then too!

Until next week, have a great week!

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