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Week 28
~ Back From Disney

Hello all! We are back from the House of Mouse, and I know my last entry I had made comments about being hot and miserable; I will never complain again after this trip! I knew it was going to be tough down there with the heat and all the walking and the crowds but I was not anticipating it being that bad! The crowds were horrible, not to mention standing around while everyone in our party 'discussed' where and what we were doing next. I spent most of the trip either in shops with the air conditioning, or in shaded places sitting down. There just was not a lot for me to do down there. I was miserable the entire time and cried daily because even though the desire was there to want to get out and do everything, I just was not able. I nearly lost an eye while we were down there when one of those rain showers popped up. Some man, afraid of getting wet opened his umbrella and caught me right at the corner of my eye with it. He never slowed down, never turned and said I'm sorry or anything. I looked at my husband and told him the next person who got within 4 feet of me I was going to trip them or start swinging. (Keep in mind, this was after four days of intense heat, unbelievable swelling of my legs and feet and just a lot of aggravation in general!)

All in all, the trip went really well. The kids had the time of their lives and every night were sound asleep before we ever got back to the house we were staying in and were the first ones up and ready to go the next day! They could not get enough of it! We ate dinner at a restaraunt called Chef Mickey's. It was a character dining experience and Mickey was there along with Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Pluto. They came around to every table and posed for pictures and signed autographs for the kids. It was truly the best part of the entire trip. So needless to say, between the heat, feet swelling and just getting tired really easily and a few contractions, I could have enjoyed the trip a little more than I did.

My biggest complaint other than those few things were the times I felt like doing things, nobody else felt like doing anything and I admit it hurt my feelings some that the kids were more interested in doing things with other people than they were with me. I know they were just caught up in the excitement, but for the first time since getting pregnant, I actually felt that I was a burden and that I was in the way.

A few days before we left, I took my one hour glucose fasting test which I failed. So I get to go in now and take the 3 hour test. I'm not overly concerned about it at the moment, but I admit I am thinking about it constantly somewhere in the back of my mind. We will see what this test shows when I take it. Until then, have a great week everyone!

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