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Week 30
~ FINALLY!! Trip to the doctor and ready for baby

FINALLY! I am in the final (hoping and praying) stretch of this pregnancy. I went to the doctor today, and everything is going smoothly. Blood pressure is great, urine looks good, baby's heart beat is in the 140's, no weight gain in 2 weeks, but baby is measuring and still growing. She asked if I had any complaints, to which I said other than pelvic pressure, increasing cramps and a tore up stomach, and just really starting to get uncomfortable at this point, none really. I did tell her that my lower abdomen was really starting to get sore. I feel like I am bruised from the belly button down into my pelvis. She recommended a maternity belt and I may try it. The way I am looking at it, I still have a minimum of 6 or 7 weeks (to be considered term) and a max of 8 weeks before induction becomes an option. So I can imagine how if this is from weakened abdominal muscles from the previous two pregnancies how much worse it could possibly get between now and then.

Been doing a lot of work around the house, getting everything ready for the baby. Finished all the shopping I plan to do and all so it's all over except for waiting and finding the proper place for everything. I feel as though my nesting instinct is kicking in! All his laundry is done, and put away. Bottles have been washed and sterilized and put away. The crib has been up and made for months! The bassinet is waiting, as are the swing car seats and all those other baby things. I've even started packing hospital bags for the baby and for me. Mine right now is just personal care items (soap, shampoo conditioner etc...) I am waiting on packing clothes right now until a little closer. His little bag is ready, with wipes, a few onesies, his coming home outfit and blanket. I also put a second outfit in there in case the other is too big! A friend recommended packing baby oil to help with those first several days bowel movements; she swears it makes it easier to clean those sticky yucky dirty diapers!

Not a lot going on other than all that . . . Wish I had more to report. Maybe next week!

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