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Week 32
~ Ultrasound, dreams and praying for the ice age!

Hello all, I've been waiting to submit this entry because we are meeting our little one (kinda- we are having our 4-D ultrasound) this week! I'm hanging in there, it's getting really hard though. The heat has been unbearable this week, our average temp has gotten up to 100 before 10:00 A.M. everyday. That's not counting the heat index or the humidity! I can not stand to even walk outside to get the mail much less, go anywhere. The kids are starting back to school this week, and I had originally planned for them to ride the bus, getting off everyday at my mom's in the event I am either at the doctor or start making trips to LDR or actually go into labor. (O.K., in the event of labor they are probably not going to be staying at school much less riding the bus home. But we figured it would be better to be safe than to be sorry in case things happen quickly this time around!)

The baby (I feel) has locked into position and is head down. I hope that it's not his little bottom pressing on my bladder and moving around like that! I am getting to the point that when I do things like roll over in bed or even sit or stand up, if he moves I have very little time to make to the bathroom before I need to change clothes! That is getting a little annoying and somewhat embarrassing, but I am trying really hard not to let it get to me. He seems like he gets the hiccups every time he's been awake for the past week. I've been using the little baby heart monitor this week catching his little kicks and movements, hiccups and heart beats on tape so that I will have them as a reminder once he arrives. I am getting really anxious about finally meeting him and all now! I can hardly wait for him to get here. I've had a lot of dreams about him here lately and also about my dad. According to some things I have read, when we dream of someone who is no longer with us especially while we are pregnant, it is possibly our subconscious mind's way of trying to relate and connect those that are gone to the new arrival we are expecting. I don't care if that is the reason or if it could actually be visits from the other side, I've enjoyed these moments with my dad even if they do come while I am sound asleep, I am cherishing them.

My doctor's appointment went really well; we spent an hour just getting the ultrasound performed, and it was interesting to say the least. He appears to have some really chubby cheeks, my nose and possibly my ears (it was kinda hard to tell, he kept putting his hand over his ear!) the fullest lips I have ever seen on a baby - they kinda reminded me of Angelina Jolie's lips! I have no idea where those came from. My husband and I both have what I would call 'normal' lips, but I do have a lot of American Indian on my side of the family tree! He had really long legs, and his feet looked huge! My husband did ask if they could double check to make sure all the little boy parts were still there (a thought that had not crossed my mind until he said something. I did have a brief moment of panic thinking about all that blue stuff we had at home!) The lady performing the ultrasound was more than happy to look, and I am proud to announce that even though he kept those little legs tightly together, he is indeed a little boy. We did see enough to be able to tell that! Getting good pictures of his head and face were a little difficult though; he kept covering up his little face and between the ultrasound tech and my daughter, they kept having to poke him trying to get him to move them. He once while being poked on, screwed up his little face and poked his bottom lip out like it hurt his feelings and he was about to cry! We did catch that on the movie, but unfortunately not a photo. It made my heart melt and made me want to cry too when I saw that little pout of his!

I also have started losing weight. I still do not understand this because I eat CONSTANTLY! But according to their scales, I have lost 3 lbs since my last visit. I guess it doesn't matter because he continues to grow and do beautifully! She also made a comment about I was continuing to measure bigger than my 32/33 week time span. She said they were going to do yet another scan in 2 weeks to check his weight, length, fluid level, as well as his lung maturity and placenta function. She also hinted that once we had that information, we may start to look at scheduling a birth date. I am keeping my fingers crossed! I joked around with my husband that I guess I'd better finish packing for the hospital, just to be safe! I've known all along he would probably come early, but from what I gathered at the doctor, she said the earliest she would schedule induction was the last week of August or the first week of September, which still gives me a few weeks. But since we appear to be in the final stretch, I figure it will be better to be safe than sorry! I was not planning on possibly having to end my journal or pregnancy for that matter so many weeks ahead of schedule. Only time will tell and ultimately he is the only one that will really know when it is his time to arrive!

Until next week!
~ Amy

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