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Week 33
~ Needing to Go Back and Read that Book From My Childhood . . .

The Little Engine That Could . . . I Think I Can I Think I Can.

I would also like to offer up congrats to Casey and Christian, who are the only two journalist ahead of me (I am hoping have delivered by now!) I know their last posts had them both looking at scheduled inductions. I am hoping that they've had their baby's and all went as planned and as expected!

Well here we are . . . Week 33, not much going on here on the home front. Still ungodly hot here, today alone is 104, no relief in site from this awful heat. We had some excitement this weekend though. I started having contractions and made a trip to labor and delivery. We thought what was causing it, was that I had possibly gotten a little dehydrated. When we got to the hospital, my cousin who is a labor and delivery nurse was my nurse and my doctor was on call (which was good). Come to find out, I was slightly dehydrated but I also had a urinary tract infection. Made it all the way to what I hope is the final weeks of pregnancy, and ended up with one. At least this time I have not kept one for 3 months!

Anyway, after some I.V. fluids, some antibiotics and 6 hours, I got sent home. Suppose to call and follow up in the office this week, but since I have an appointment for early next week, I am thinking I will just wait until then and also manage to stay on the schedule they have me on for my doctor visits. We did find out the other night (which we kinda already knew from the 4 D ultrasound), that our little one is head down right now, but face up. We both enjoyed the visit though, getting to hear his little heartbeat and his kicks, not to mention the three times he got the hiccups while we were there. We laughed at the sounds of him 'bouncing' around in there and watching my tummy bump every time he had one!

My entire abdomen is achy now; I feel like when I am up and walking, that my tummy is just gonna split open and out fall baby and everything else! I've tried a maternity belt, it provides little to no relief! I also feel my joints in my body starting to loosen. I never have been a graceful person, but these days I feel like I have two left feet! I am constantly bumping into things or stumbling over things. It is getting slightly annoying to put it nicely, but what can I do? The only cure is delivery and delivery is still weeks away. I can't even pull myself out of bed too good right now; I have to enlist the help of my husband. I keep reminding myself just a few more weeks (and yes, I know it could be as much as a month and a half before I reach my due date, I have all the confidence in the world that if he does not come on his on within the next 4 weeks, he will also have a scheduled birthday by week 38)! Right now, so much is up in the air. With us waiting on the next ultrasound and then who knows what else from that point on. I've said all along, that I am at least 2 weeks further along than they have said. (Remember who was actually trying to get pregnant this time and who was 'charting' fertility as well as taking ovulation tests and making sure she was 'exposed' at all the right times, even though her body was going all crazy!) I guess we will see when she does it next week!

Until next week!
~ Amy

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