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Week 34
~ Headaches, Heat & Anxious for Baby

Not a lot going on different from last week. My blood pressure has started to go up some, and we believe it is causing some really nasty headaches. The good news is my swelling is not increasing and I do not seem to have protein in my urine. So (hopefully) I am not trying to develop pregnancy induced hypertension. That is an odd one for me to understand, as I have never had any trouble with my blood pressure going up; mine has always been one that stayed low. So I am watching it at home closely!

It is still unbelievably hot here! I told my husband that I was getting nervous about bringing a newborn home in this heat, but at least with it being warm, I don't have to worry about dragging him out in the first few weeks of life to people who have colds and all those other joyful winter time things. I am personally looking forward to being able to pretty much put a onesie on him or a diaper shirt except when we take him out of the house.

Went to the doctor again today, and they did the scan on the baby to determine his level of development. He is measuring way ahead of the 34 week mark as I have said several times before! His head alone is measuring 3 weeks ahead and they are estimating his weight between 5lbs and 10 oz and 7lbs 10 oz. There is no way that he can stay in there and grow another 5 or so weeks. His movements are slowing down to little more than really strong vigorous wiggles and squirms. It alarmed me the other day that when we went to bed and I put my tummy up against my husband's back, he did not move one time (that I could feel). Normally, when I do this, he goes crazy! I don't know if he's playing or if he does not like his daddy touching his mommy's tummy. But it was just odd that he chose that night of all nights to break a routine he's had for months.

My weight gain is staying about the same. I had lost 2lbs last week from the appointment before that one, but according to the scales I gained that back and a half a pound on top of that. It's hard to say my weight gain is slowing down as D day approaches, because my weight gain so far has only been 16 pounds total.

I am getting very anxious about finally getting to meet this little one. I told my husband that while I enjoyed being pregnant, I was getting tired of being pregnant and was really wanting to hold my baby! I took everything out of his dresser the other day and refolded it, and pretty much finished packing for the hospital. I have everything in the bag except my coming home outfit. I know what I want to wear, but I figure my husband can handle getting that to me when it's time to come home! I think I've planned out all scenarios for going to the hospital. Even gave the kids small 'jobs' to help out with when it's time to go. I am hoping we do get to 'schedule' a birthday though!

I see the doctor again next week; my appointments will now be weekly until our little man arrives. Personally, I am getting a little restless waiting!

Until next week!
~ Amy

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