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Week 35
~ Getting More Anxious and Stressed

Not too much going on this here lately. I can feel the baby dropping a little and his movements continue to slow a little. I am still getting my fetal movement counts in daily. Sometimes he makes me nervous by not getting active after I eat (like he ALWAYS has done, or when I put my tummy up against Daddy's back. We are not sure if he enjoys being between us with my tummy against daddy's back or if he does not; it just always makes him active when we do this!). We do enjoy this little game with him though and also playing music and rubbing a flash light over my belly.

My blood pressure is staying a little high these past few days, but my doctor says that its still within 'normal' ranges. I wonder if they consider 'the high side of normal range' would or could be considered higher for someone who has normally low blood pressure? This morning before getting out of bed, we checked it and it was 158/94.

We also had some news this week; it seems that my medical insurance is threatening to cancel on us. As of right now, I have insurance until September 17, 2007. Here in our state, we do have the option of continuing our coverage with what they call COBRA, but it costs $900 a week. I do not qualify for medicaid (which is basically state insurance; we make too much money according to them.) So.... my insurance is suppose to end 10 days prior to my due date! My options right now are to discuss scheduling a birth date with the doctor, or hope he comes on his own. Considering he was pronounced 'baked' at his anatomy scan last week, weighing an estimated 6lbs 10oz (plus or minus 1 lb according to the ultrasound tech) maybe it is indicating he is ready and she will be o.k. with scheduling a birthday. Not to mention it will make things a lot easier for us, with making arrangements for the kids, hopefully making sure that it's not on a weekend that my daughter is with her dad and if so maybe arranging switching weekends with him. He is a good dad to her, and understands how important that being there to meet her brother is to her. That is one thing that I can honestly say he and I have always been able to work around and always accommodate what is best for her. It would also be easier to let other people in the family know when we are going in, so that everyone can make arrangements to be off work or whatever. It would also be A LOT easier so that my husband can be off work instead of somewhere, hours away from home in a truck!

Personally, I will be so glad to finally have my little boy in my arms to hold.
~ Amy

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