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Week 36
~ The Home Stretch

The final count down is on! Judging by this baby, and all he is doing here lately, maybe he's about to decide that it's not as cozy in there as before! I've known he's been head down for awhile now, but he is getting lower and lower in my pelvis. A week or so ago, I could still feel him turning his little head; now I can't. Apparently his head is locked into position! His movements continue to slow down a little and are more restricted. Hopefully, at the doctor this afternoon, I will get my first 'official' pelvic and know if we are making any internal progress! We will know this afternoon and will hopefully be able to look at scheduling a birthday not this coming week but possibly the week after that. That week looks good for my hubby at work, the kids being home for the weekend, and according to them I will be in my 38th week. I do not believe it's right to play with nature necessarily and induce labor on one hand, but on the other I am just ready to be able to hold my little boy, finally get to meet him and I want for one time, my doctor to be the one that actually delivers one of my children! The doctor that delivered my oldest looked like Doogie Howser (really young - maybe at the time about 25 at the most, but then again they gave some really good drugs to me while I waited on my Epidural and he could have been the janitor and I would not have cared!). The doctor that delivered my daughter was the same doctor that delivered me, while that was kinda cool he was old and impatient and wanted to use forceps on her (I tried to push one last time and he literally had to jump down there and catch her with one glove on!). Ashleigh's birth, when she finally decided to come out, if you would have blinked you would have missed her birth! She went from crowning and a spot about the size of a half a dollar showing of her head to hanging out up to her waist that quick.

Later . . .

Went to the doctor and just got back (FINALLY) I received my Group B Strep test today (always pleasant) and received a pelvic. The verdict: Dilated to a loose 2 almost a 3, but only about 25% effaced. We talked about scheduling induction, but we are going to wait until next week to see if I either go on my own, or if I make any more progress. But the earliest we are looking at helping him out is the week of September 17th. SO at least another full week unless he figures it out on his own. Baby's head was also engaged in my pelvis and as she said he is definitely locked into position. She said he had not gained a lot of weight since last week, but it was hard to estimate without another ultrasound. She was saying he may be just over 7lbs at this time. But probably not any bigger. She did go back over my birth plan with me today, she did caution me about the older kids being actually in the room. She said that she would feel more comfortable (with their ages) at least being behind the curtain in the labor room, in the event something did happen during delivery. She said once she had the baby out, they could come in there and see him and everything. She feels Christopher is old enough to actually watch, but Ashleigh is only 7 and she was concerned about her. So instead of explaining that one can and one can't, and dealing with that I will 'flex' a little and we will go the route the doctor is recommending.

Having some contractions, nothing real heavy yet. Just waiting and getting anxious!
~ Amy

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