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Week 37

Hello all. It is now week 37, and all is as well as can be expected. I am now seeing the Doctor once a week, I was a little disappointed this weekend when I did not go into labor (it was Labor Day weekend and had been a joke in the family all this pregnancy that this weekend would be the perfect weekend to have the baby!) I hurt all weekend, and experienced something I never have experienced in my life. Every time I go to the bathroom, regardless of why I go, I feel the urge to have a bowel movement. I am not constipated or anything, I just feel the pressure like I have to go. Now I have managed to cause a problem: hemorrhoids. I have both internal oness that are bleeding and external ones that make sitting somewhat difficult at best. Add to that and my average 15 times a night up to tinkle, and the problem is only getting worse. I am exhausted and find myself wanting to nap during the day but I know if I do, sleep will be that much harder to get when night time comes.

My belly fells like I swallowed a bowling ball. It is rock hard constantly and never seems to soften anymore. Baby isn't moving much still (guess he's a little cramped in there!) and when he does it is starting to hurt. I told my husband I am hurting places I didn't know I even had. I also decided while I was anticipating labor being somewhat *pending*, that I would shave my legs. This is the first time I've actually shaved my legs since I was about 5 months pregnant (no I have not just let them grow all wild and hairy, I simply started using a hair removal cream on them) and I cut them to pieces. They look like I tried to amputate them! I made the mistake of telling my husband on the phone I was bleeding when he called Saturday while all this was going on. He asked where I was bleeding in a pure panic, and once I explained he made me feel so terrible as if I had done something wrong in shaving my legs.

Had a doctor's appointment again this week. The lab messed up my Group B Strep test so I got the joy of repeating it. Slightly annoyed does not even cover how I was feeling when I learned about the mix up. I am starting to dilate and my cervix is starting to soften and thin, as I was last week and baby's head is getting further engaged in my pelvis. Which is a good thing in that things are starting to get started, but bad news meaning that my discomforts are now shifting to some places I'd rather not have them. I herniated a disc in my back nearly two years ago, and it took over a month to get some relief from it, took about three months to get to back to 'normal'. Well, I feel like I did when that happened, I'm hurting and NO ONE will see me, treat me or help me with it this late in the baby game. So I am trying to stay as comfortable and as relaxed as I can, until I can do something about it.

I gained 3 lbs in a week, and I have obvious swelling in my feet, legs, hands and face. Blood pressure was 144/88. Still what they call normal, so they aren't too concerned. They measured my tummy and my measurements have not changed in now 3 doctor visits. Maybe that's a sign that his growth is slowing down. He is slowing down more and more with his movements, I still feel the little squirms and stretches that they say to count as movements and was making jokes with my husband about him doing the Cha-cha or the mambo today. My hubby said he was old school and was break dancing. I responded with, I can believe that; I feel like he is trying to break every bone in my body right now. The only thing good I have to report at this time, is I do have an induction date set, even though the doctor seems to think I will go on my own before then. If I do, she said they would not stop it and if I don't, we will have him out sometime September 20th.

So as of right now, the waiting game continues and my patience is starting to grow a little thin. I'm not sleeping very well at all and that has got to be the hardest part so far. Well, I am going to stop for now, and hope that I am in better spirits next week.

~ Amy

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