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Week 38 ~ September 14, 2007
~ Induction Scheduled!

I am writing this entry pretty much so starting where my last entry left off. Since the doctor said that she had all the faith and confidence in the world that I would go on my own before the induction date, I want to cram as many details into these final days or weeks as possible!

I've had a very long weekend, this weekend. I have not felt like doing anything but laying around and sleeping or eating. And when I eat, nothing tastes right, no matter how bad I thought I wanted it. I woke up Saturday morning sicker than I have ever been in my life. I thought we were going to make a trip to labor and delivery if for no other reason, for some IV fluids and something for the nausea and headaches I was experiencing but I managed to get through them on my own at home. Sunday was extremely hot here in the deep south. We were promised some rain this weekend (it never showed). But on the good side of things, I can tell that fall is definitely coming. Our mornings and evenings have been really nice for a change. Dropping down to the 60's at night. My family all has the sniffles, because I still will not let them turn the air conditioner above 72 degrees! I have resorted to sleeping without any covers at all. I cannot stand it anymore. My poor hubby can't even roll over and snuggle up next to me when he gets chilled because I will push him off of me.

I didn't have many contractions over the weekend, but I've had some extremely painful abdominal pain. I don't know what it is, but it is similar to round ligament pain except for all over my abdomen. It seems to be aggravated by the baby moving. I know he does not mean to hurt me, but it does not make it any easier when you feel the only way to get any relief is to curl into the fetal position and cry. He is going to be bigger than my other two were without a doubt. I am averaging getting up every hour to hour and a half tops to make my trip to the bathroom at night. It's hard to tell if I really have to go that bad, or if when I get there I am basically going to drip a few times and be done.

This week, I am planning on going to my daughter's school for the second grade Grandparents lunch. I am going for my daughter, but also to be there for my mom who has not done anything like this by herself since my dad died. I have a feeling it will be a hard day for all three of us, but we will get through it. I also will probably unpack and repack all my hospital bags to double check that I have not forgotten anything I might need. I feel pretty confident the baby's bag is as complete as it can be. I just do not want to rely on my husband to bring things I might forget! Other than little things like that, I am going to be playing the waiting game. I feel like a time bomb, everyone in the family is calling on average 8 times a day wanting to know what's going on and if anything is happening yet. (We finally told them that when something did happen, we'd let them know.) My mother-in-law called early the other morning because someone from the local hospital had called and she didn't make it to the phone in time. If it would have been us, we would have called back. It must have been a wrong number.

Early week started out looking like things were happening. I went to bed Sunday night with contractions and they did not stop all night long. They were not really regular starting out, but by around 8 Monday morning, they were averaging 7 minutes apart and were lasting about 45 seconds to a full minute in length. These were different than other contraction I had felt. These started out in my back and butt and worked their way around my belly. I called the doctor's office and made a trip up there for a quick NST and to have my contractions monitored. I was having them, they were registering and they were regular! Then I got to have a pelvic exam . . . no cervical changes really from my last visit. At the most, I was softening and thinning some more but no dilation. She wrote a prescription for a medication that she said would stop the contractions and help me rest if they were false labor. She figured at most I might be in extremely early labor and said this could go on for days! Well, 24 hours after starting the medication, all I can say is yes it does help you rest and relax but the contractions are still coming. They slowed but did not stop. So now I am at a cross road in: is it slowing down real labor and possibly prolonging the labor process or is it not working on even the false labor? I see the doctor again later this week. If I can tough it out until then, we will see what she has to say. What has me concerned more than anything is I am having these contractions, I am getting so close to having my baby but I am making no progress as far as dilation and all is concerned. It is getting frustrating going through all this and NOTHING HAPPENING. I am starting to think I may be heading towards a C-section instead of an induction. Maybe I will be one of those lucky ones and go all at one time like I basically did with my daughter. Hey! going from a 3 to a 10 in under 5 minutes is alright by me, but after nearly 13 hours of labor anyone deserves that kind of break.

Doctor's appointment on Thursday: Nothing was happening STILL. I am not dilating anymore, my cervix is softening and continuing to thin but it's still really posterior. She told me all these contractions I'm having are basically taking my baby's head and pushing it against the uterine wall instead of my cervix. So that's why I am not doing anything. She still is wanting to hold off until next week for the induction but told me all the reasons to return to labor and delivery and what to watch for. She will recheck me on Tuesday, to see if anything has changed between now and then. If so, depending on how much of a change I will go in Thursday the 20th by 6 AM and start the induction. If not, I will go in at either 5 PM or midnight on the 19th and start with some medication to try and make my cervix more favorable for the induction. She will also supposedly do one more ultrasound to check the baby out before making the call.

I also had a cyst come up on my breast the other day, which they biopsied today and I will have the packing removed Tuesday and I will have a big hole in my breast when I deliver. (Oh joy!) This thing on my breast I know is just a freak thing that's happened at a not so good time, but I will manage and get around it somehow. I also found out my Group B Strep is NEGATIVE this time, so I was glad about that. Even though I've tested positive before, this time I didn't!

So as of right now, a week to go and I will be holding this little guy who has been kicking me and squirming inside me for what seems like a life time now. I am getting very excited about meeting him, as is everyone else. We are all making bets about when he will come, the three top choices are as follows: this Saturday while his daddy and grand dad are enjoying the first day of Dove season hunting here (the 15th) our wedding anniversary (the 18th) or I will show up for induction only to be told I am already in labor! The only thing that matters right now is getting him here, whenever that might be. So until next week, we continue to wait!

~ Amy

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