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Amy's Pregnancy Journal

Week 39
~ Almost There!

As I did last week, I am pretty much so picking up where I left off last week and will write a little each day or as things happen leading up to Induction day. If he decides to stay put, as of right now, I will see the doctor on Tuesday the 18th. We will do another ultrasound, to have one last peek at him and a rough guess on his size again, another pelvic to see if anything has changed and make the final call as to when I will actually go into the hospital. I am going to push (no matter what we find out that day) to go in Wednesday night around midnight. I have several reasons for wanting to go this route. Mainly, it will be a lot easier to just tell the kids I am not feeling well that afternoon to get them to stay with my mom and possibly get up and go to school that morning to at least attempt to not get behind in some of their classes. We've elected not to tell them we have scheduled a day for the baby to be born on. Because they have a few tests that day at school, the final call on if they should or should not go to school will be made sometime that morning between 6:00 and 6:30. If it looks like I am getting close, they won't go at all. If I am going slow, they will go and at least attempt to get those tests out of the way before they get checked out to come up to the hospital. Both kids go to different schools. Their schools are less than a mile apart, I've already been in contact with their teachers and all, and plans have been made for me or my mom to call when she is on her way down there and they will have them waiting in the office.

Going into this weekend, my husband and his family will have their annual dove hunt. I really am missing not getting to go, but at the same time the thought of sitting out in the middle of a field right now just does not really appeal to me! My mother-in-law had high hopes that she would be babysitting this weekend and I was hoping the baby would already be here. But even if he would have arrived, I still would not have been hunting today!

When I went to the doctor Tuesday, I was suppose to have some packing removed from where they did that minor little breast surgery the other day, but it came out on its own the night before while I was in the shower. I started yelling for my husband, because it was just really super nasty, smelled horrible, and I am one of those people that can watch someone literally cut off their arm and I would do anything I had to do to help them, but you let me get my finger pricked and I am ready to pass out! It was some kind of cyst that could not have picked a worse time to come up! She said the biopsied parts they sent off had a lot of old scar tissue in it, but that it was nothing to be concerned about.

I also found out that I am now dilated to a 3 almost a 4. I went this morning and indulged in a prenatal massage, that could possibly start labor naturally. I had some minor contractions before the appointment so I don't know if it may have had something to do with it, or if I just dilated on my own. In any case, I had some pampering and some time to relax before I go in and the fun really begins. They also did another ultrasound today and the lady told me that he had hair, she could actually see it floating in the amniotic fluid. She estimated that he weighed between 8.5 lbs and 9lbs 2oz. We will see!!! I will go in like we had planned: I will report to labor and delivery Wednesday night (September 19) by midnight and they will start the pitocin drip and hopefully will have a baby by around noon at the latest on Thursday.

I have really enjoyed writing this journal and look forward to starting my birth story when we get home sometime this weekend. All of you enjoy what is left of your pregnancy and I will continue to follow all the other writers as they deliver over the next few months!

~ Amy

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