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Amy's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 7 - 12
~ Ultrasounds, Heartbeats and Something Going on With My Kidneys

My due date is September 27, 2007. I am expecting this baby to come a little early because my other two did. Not a lot going on during this time frame, I haven't had any morning sickness other than getting a little nauseous, with my sinuses draining these past few weeks and certain foods I used to LOVE now make me cringe.

Not really having any problems at work, but I have been back to the doctor and had yet a third ultrasound done. They couldn't find the baby's heartbeat last week and decided that even though we were right on the line of it being detected, that we would take a quick peek to make sure everything was ok. I was not expecting this ultrasound, and all I can say is it's amazing how much this child has grown in four weeks! The last one showed the only thing moving on the baby was the little heart. It literally looked like a grain of rice. This month, at 11 weeks and 4 days, it actually looked like a baby. It was kicking and flipping and stretching and rolling!! The ultrasound tech told me that the baby was very active to even be that young. She measured and it was measuring 3 and a half inches long. The heart rate was 158 beats per minute. Nothing in the world wrong with that!

Had to go in to the office a few weeks ago and get that letter and was told that I had a possible urinary tract infection and was put on antibiotics. I've been back twice since then and put on even more antibiotics. They did order a lab on me last week and I found out today that I was testing negative for infection but positve for blood in my urine. My doctor seems to think it could be a kidney stone and is sending me to a uroligist later this week to investigate what is causing the problem. When I was first told I had an infection, I wasn't hurting or anything. I didn't feel anything was wrong in that department, in fact I felt great. I was tired (but that is part of being pregnant) and I was going to the bathroom a little more than usual (again I thought it was part of being pregnant.) However, this week I have begun to really hurt in my back. I've taken a couple of days off because I am that sore in the kidney area. I'm hoping and praying that its not a kidney stone, but at the same time I want to know what is wrong and if anything can be done about it. I am not looking forward to feeling like this for the next six or so months.


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