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~ Meet Amy

AmyMy name is Amy and I am 28. I met my husband in high school but we didn't date or hang out; we were very different. He played Dungeons & Dragons and I was So Goth I Was Dead. A few years after high school we met up again (ok, ok, on the internet!). We had our first date August 31, 2001 and got married September 6, 2002. It all happened pretty fast for us, and we were actually engaged by Christmas 2001. We've been married for 6 years now. He is in the Air Force and so far we have lived in Georgia, Florida and will move to New Mexico next summer.

We started trying for a baby right away. That's what military people do. They get married young and have lots of kids. We felt confident it could happen to us too. We didn't try really hardcore, like with OPKs and temping but we figured we'd just keep plugging away and it'll happen. If it takes a few months thats ok, we really weren't in a rush. We moved from Georgia to Florida, had a few deployments, some hurricane evacuations, so obviously there were some times where we didn't or couldn't try. I'd get a little down sometimes but I figured all in good time. We had only been married 3 years, we enjoyed our time together, and not worried about not being pregnant yet.

There is another factor to this story though. I had steadily over the years been gaining weight. I had major thyroid problems and medication wasn't helping. I developed Diabetes. And Gout. And High Blood Pressure. I was on 8 medications a day. I was in no shape to be having a baby really. So I made the choice to have Gastric Bypass. As soon as I made this choice we stopped trying for a baby. It took almost a year from the time I decided to have the surgery to the day they wheeled me into the operating room. It was the best choice I ever made. I have lost 90 pounds so far and I feel great and normal!

I had to wait a year to 18 months after surgery to start trying to get pregnant. I waited and then we went at it with gusto! Fertility rates sky rocket after surgery since your body is so much healthier. Still no baby. One day on an off hand chance, I suggested that my husband go get tested; it's free so why not? The problem was all mine anyway, what with being overweight and having health problems. The husband is healthy as a horse! Except his semen analysis came back with no sperm found. So did the next one and the six tests after that. We were floored. He went through all kinds of tests, had to show his male bits to so many people and be fondled by unattractive nurses. We had his chromosomes checked, blood tested, ultrasounds, x-rays--the whole 9 yards. But it all came back the same. If he was producing sperm, it wasn't coming out and they didn't know why. They didn't even know if was producing sperm at all.

In August of 2008 he had a testicular biopsy done that found he had maturation arrest, meaning he was making sperm cells but they were never maturing into sperm. Because of the nature of his issue it was determined that this was due to a genetic issue and sperm retrieval for IVF/ICSI was not recommended. We had decided after we had our first meeting with the doctor about his abnormal semen results that we would use a sperm donor. It was not an easy choice or decided upon lightly but we feel it is right for us. We are starting medicated IUI's in November 2008 and will continue those through May 2009. If we have not had a viable pregnancy by then we will move on to adoption.


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