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Weeks 11 & 12
~ Hello Baby

ultrasoundWell, went for my 12 week nuchal translucency ultrasound. It appears I am a couple of days ahead of what I thought, so I have combined two weeks to catch up to date with where I should be.

Week 11 started with having to have some bloods done. This is part of the nuchal translucency screening test where they analyse blood work with measurements from the ultrasound and your age and various information to determine the likelihood of the baby having Down Syndrome. In my last pregnancy, I chose not to go for all this. We just had the ultrasound to confirm dates and see our baby. It was mainly because I am terrible with having needles prodded in my arm and it wouldn't have affected our choices in any way if the baby did have Down's. So, don't really know why we went for the whole thing this time around. Didn't really give it much thought. But anyway, more importantly, we got to see our baby. But what an ordeal! I was required to drink a litre of water before the scan. Do you have any idea how hard that is? I landed up having to wait in the waiting room for another half hour after my scheduled appointment time busting to use the bathroom. I finally get into the room for the sonographer to tell me that the machine was broken and I'd have to rebook the appointment. And worse of all my husband had gotten some time off work to come. Frustrating or what as I had to do it all over again the next day. So, I finally got in the following day after a bit of arranging for childcare and my husband to get another hour off work. And hello baby! What an active little tike he/she was. The baby was bouncing all over the place. I just love the 12 week scan as you always see a good profile of the whole baby and it moving around.

We have decided to call the baby bellybean as we can't continue calling him or her the baby, or it, he/she. Our first pregnancy we called the baby jellybean and the second we called him bubblebean, so it seemed fit to call this one bellybean. Actually, we started to call it just bean, but then Evelyn somehow referred to it as bellybean when she pointed to her tummy, so bellybean sort of stuck.

UltrasoundIt's starting to feel very real that we are having this baby now. A few weeks ago I wasn't pinning my hopes up too high just in case. But now we are into the second semester and it seems all go now. My waistline is expanding a little and I've had to dig out my maternity clothing but that's as far as I've gotten. Haven't really been wearing them just yet though as I can still get away with wearing most of my normal clothing - a couple of pairs of jeans are getting too tight to wear. I hate this in-between stage somewhat. I either want to look normal or look very pregnant. It's too easy to mistake someone for just being a bit chubby or assuming the waist is just leftovers from the other two. I can feel quite self conscious when going out in public as people don't know I'm pregnant but it is obvious that I am carrying some weight there. So hurry up and be pregnant tummy!

My emotional levels seem to be returning back to a more normal level - but when stress hits it seems to all be back on again. My poor husband must think we are living in a war zone with my sudden outbursts at times. Maybe another week or so and all will be ok again. Hopefully I'm not going to be like this for the whole pregnancy.

My darling two year old daughter has become a little fascinated with the fact that there is actually a baby in mummy's tummy. She intrigued her daycare teachers this week by lifting up her shirt to reveal her tummy and explaining that there is a baby in her tummy too. I guess if you don't want anyone else to know, then don't tell a toddler as they are bound to share all the information you don't want shared.

Anyway, that is me for week 11 and 12.

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