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Angela's Pregnancy Journal

Week 13
~ Hello Tummy

AngelaBefore falling pregnant, I became quite proud of being smaller in weight than I have in a long time. The extra bits from having the last two babies fell off me and I was quite proud of my shrinking waist line. Well, that all seems to have changed within a week. This week has seen my tummy grow a phenomenal amount. I feel huge already and I'm only 13 weeks! I've always carried really big and had a high volume of amniotic fluid. Somehow, I think I'm going to look like an elephant this time around too. I can still get away with hiding my tummy if I wear the right clothes, but mostly, I am starting to look pregnant and maybe a little more than 13 weeks. Thank goodness I had an ultrasound last week to reassure me I am only having one baby. This week I have had to dig out the box of maternity clothing, freshly wash them and start wearing the jeans as all my other jeans are now officially too tight.

The bad weather seems to be getting to everyone in our household at the moment. The kids are scrapping and fighting over the same toys again. You'd think it would be sorted with having two identical toys, but no. I have been almost tempted to put them in different rooms with a range of toys to play with and make them play alone - because I tell you what - it's starting to drive me nuts. I'm not enjoying being the mediator today and having to lie on the floor between them while they play. It is just starting to get a little bit uncomfortable on the floor for extended periods of time.

AngelaToday is being spent doing a bit of rearranging. My 12-year-old niece is coming to stay with us for a couple of weeks, so I am clearing the kids' playroom out and making it into a bedroom for her. It has meant that I can sort out the toys and clear out some of the baby stuff and put them away for the new baby. It's amazing how much of an attachment my 2-year-old daughter has had to stuff because despite not playing with any of it for nearly a year, she's suddenly interested in it again. I mean, a two year old can't be interested in baby rattles. Her favourite thing to do at the moment is to stuff a teddybear or doll up her shirt or show everyone her pregnant belly. She will show any visitors the picture from the ultrasound we have stuck to the fridge door. I think she's quite proud of the fact that 'she' is having a baby or at least she thinks she is. It is very interesting watching a toddler try to breastfeed her doll.

On Sunday, we had a family breakfast at our place. I love cooking for people. We had the full works and I don't think any of us had eaten that amount in a long time. We were still eating the third course at midday. I did everything myself and made an early start that morning. I spent about four hours prepping all of the food plus a bit of prep the night before. I just had to do the last minute cooking before the guests turned up. I began to feel a little queasy at one stage that morning. I realised I hadn't eaten anything all morning and was rushing around like a madman. I had to stop right there and then and sit down and have some breakfast. It was the first time I really didn't feel like cooking meat and the smell of the bacon was unpleasant. I usually love the smell of bacon cooking. I got through it and everyone had such a great time and a banquet too. I will have to be a little more careful of that in the future. I guess for a moment there I forgot I was pregnant and just forgot to eat. It does show how important it is to eat though.

Well, that brings me to the end of week 13. Until next week . . .

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