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Week 14
~ Family Time at Last

Another busy week this week. We had an appointment with our midwife which was pretty low key. No issues and no problems. The results of our combined screening for the nuchal translucency came out as 1 in 20,000. So, no concern there at all. Our normal midwife was attending a birth, so we had another midwife this time around. The midwives work as a group to enable them to be able to have time off and where possible a scheduled 40 hour week. So, we landed up with a different one who was very nice. An hour later we left the appointment having had a good laugh. Hadley has come to every midwife and doctor appointment related to all of the pregnancies. So, he was there too. It's great to have him there every step of the way as he can have questions answered and is as much involved as possible. We don't see our midwife again for five weeks. I think it is somewhat low key in New Zealand. I have no idea what sort of checkups and monitoring there is in other countries, but here it's once a month if there are no concerns and then weekly once you reach 35 weeks or so. We only have two ultrasounds throughout the whole pregnancy unless there are reasons for concern. I'm looking forward to the 20 week scan as we'd be able to find out the sex of our baby.

Starting to feel a little more pregnant now. I'm almost certain I felt the quickening last night - but then dismissed it considering I'm only 14 weeks. It was around 16 weeks the previous two times. I'd have to take more note of it next time it happens to be sure I felt movement. Maybe it was me just being eager to feel baby move.

After several very busy weeks with study, assignments, and renovations, we decided to take the day out and spend some quality time together. We all went to the local school's calf and lamb day. We live in a small town with only a population of 1200 so there are a lot of rural families in the area. Many of the children have lambs or calves as pets and bring them along to the school agriculture day. We tagged along despite not having school age children. My kids enjoyed patting the lambs and calves. There must have been about a dozen pregnant women there. Seems really weird that you never seem to really notice pregnant women until you're pregnant yourself. I sat there crowd watching counting newborn babies and pregnant women. They also had a second hand goods sale. I found lots of newborn baby clothes that were in great condition but restrained myself from getting anything as we don't even know the sex yet and we already have plenty of boy's and girl's clothing. But it was fun to look around anyway. I landed up spending the money on fudge and coconut ice instead. Maybe the baby clothing would have been more beneficial but never mind. After spending the morning at the local school, we headed down to the river to explore a bit and have a picnic lunch. We started skimming stones on the water but Evelyn's efforts went as far as throwing big rocks into the river which she loved doing. Eli loved sitting on the stones and playing in the sand before he got the hang of throwing stones in the river too. It is far too cold to go swimming yet and the run-off from the snow on the mountain makes the water freezing at this time of the year. We all had a great day and finished off with fish and chips for dinner.

I have been doing a bit of thinking about how I'd like to give birth this time around. I know I want to give birth at home. For the last two, I didn't really think about things too much and it just all happened, but I'm more assertive this time around with what I want and don't want. We have a change in midwife for this time compared with the last ones, so I think it's more important to be sure that our midwife and her team know what our wishes are. I really like the idea of freebirthing or an unassisted birth. If I had my own way, I wouldn't even have a midwife present, but for peace of mind, we will have her there. I'm keen for it all to be intervention free. All that I really want is for the midwife to monitor the baby's heartbeat to ensure there is no distress. Apart from that, I'd like to do everything without any help except for Hadley catching baby. I know it's a long while off yet before I need to be writing a birth plan, but I've still been thinking about it all. And who knows, things really may not go to plan which is fine, but I think it's important to think of the ideal situation.


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