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Week 16
~ Working too Hard

If I thought there wasn't much to report pregnancy wise last week, then this week is even worse. No check ups or appointments, no sickness, and no changes. I have thought a bit about whether the baby is a boy or girl though. For the last two pregnancies, we found out the sex and have been thinking about whether we would find out this time around or not. Having already got one of each, it really doesn't worry us what the baby is. People say that they don't really mind as long as baby is healthy, but in reality, I think everyone has a preference. I know we both have a preference, but also know that if it's not that way, we can be just as happy with it being the other sex too. Both Hadley and I would prefer to have another girl. I found our daughter a lot harder as a baby than our son, but still want to have a girl. I think it's because I always wanted a sister growing up, and feel that I missed out on a lot of things by not having a sister. I never got to be a bridesmaid or matron of honour at a sister's wedding, never got to share clothes and makeup or never got to talk about girly things. In reality, maybe it's not even like that, but I really wish I had a sister growing up. Being stuck in a household of brothers really wasn't too much fun. I guess I'd like for Evelyn to have a sister. If the baby is not a girl, then a boy is great too. It will be just as good for Eli to have a brother. I think it will be easier to have another boy too. I think we will land up finding out the sex at the anatomy scan which is only four weeks away, but four weeks could also bring a change of mind.

paintingWell, this week has seen me working far too hard. We had a long weekend here in New Zealand, and since the weather was superb, we decided to stay home and get some outside chores done around the house. That plan can be somewhat of a mission with a 1 and a 2 year old in tow, but nevertheless, we got quite a bit achieved. At least we had my 12 year old niece staying with us to help out with supervising the kids. We are renovating our house that we recently purchased. It used to be a childcare centre, so as you can imagine, there is a lot of work to do - particulary painting to get rid of the bright colours. We managed to paint nearly all of the fences and only have a small section to go that has been left for the time being due to running out of paint. We also started to paint the house and the kids even joined which they loved. There is still a lot of work to do, but three whole days painting has also meant a lot was achieved. I have added a photo of my niece and 2 year old daughter painting the house and also a picture of my husband painting the fence. Eli came up to his daddy for a cuddle and fell asleep. It was such a cute moment as he is usually such a mummy's boy and it was great to see him having that bonding with his daddy so just had to include it in the photos this week.

paintingI have also been doing a bit of work for the business. My mother-in-law owns and runs a driving school teaching people to drive and I work for her where I can fit it around childcare. With her being away on holiday, I had to take over some of the day to day running of the business so I have been very busy. It's been quite good that I have been feeling really well to be able to get through a busy week of work. I haven't really worked very much since taking maternity leave with my eldest of which I never returned to my job. So, going back into the classroom was somewhat a nervous experience, but was also really great to have some time away from my kids.

Well, that's about it for this week.

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