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Weeks 18 & 19
~ Sicker Still

Well, week 18 and 19 became very much of a blur. In my last entry, I spoke of developing a chronic headache. Well that headache developed into something much worse. I spent the next 12 days or so really sick and barely able to get up out of bed. I went to the doctor's on several occasions to try and get to the bottom of it. I had three sets of blood tests taken and urine and stool samples, but all tests came back clear. I was pretty sure I had developed some sort of tummy bug as I couldn't keep anything down and what did stay down passed through me within an hour. My doctor became very worried about dehydration if nothing else, and I had to have tests at the hospital also. I mean in the end, I landed up not eating or drinking anything. On top of it all, I somehow got very low blood pressure (probably due to dehydration) which meant that standing up was difficult as the room would just spin and I'd need to sit down again. I was on constant watch and had to monitor my temperature every hour and if it went up to 39 then I had to go back to the hospital. My highest reading was 38.9 which put my poor husband into panic mode.

Things became very difficult as Hadley couldn't just take time off work but he did take a few days off and tried to come home earlier on others. I had my mother-in-law and sister-in-law taking turns watching the kids and then at other times, I had them in at daycare for longer. It was very frustrating not knowing what was wrong with me. Worry sets in, especially for the baby, but baby seemed quite happy in there and all tests proved that. My doctor put it down to developing the flu quite badly and it affecting me in the way it did because I was pregnant. Anyway, after two weeks of being in bed, I am so glad to get up and sort the house out even if I am just doing things in little bursts before needing to sit down and rest again.

After starting to feel slightly normal again, my kids then developed whatever it was I had. Luckily, they were able to get over it fairly quickly and it only lasted a week for them. But still, dealing with sick children and still not feeling 100% yourself is such hard work. I am very looking forward to having reliable weather and hoping the heat will ward off all the winter bugs.


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