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Week 20
~ And the Baby Is a . . .

20 weeksThis week we had our 20 week anatomy scan. It was really neat seeing bubs again and watching baby wave at us. I had deliberated for the past couple of months on whether to find out what we are having in the scan or not. We have one of each, so you'd think it really wouldn't matter. But, I had sort of set my heart on having another girl. The last couple of weeks I have been really worried about gender disappointment. I didn't want to spend the next four months hoping for a girl and then it being a boy. I was worried that I wouldn't want the baby as much and it would take longer to bond with it. So, we decided to find out the gender so that I could have some time to get used the idea of it being a boy if that was the case. We haven't told any of our family what the outcome is, but we do know ourselves. So, I can't really share that news to any of you in case some family are actually following this journal.

All other areas of the ultrasound were fine. I was a little worried about having another pregnancy with high amniotic fluid levels again. But, it turns out that I am in the average range this time around rather than at the 99th percentile. Providing everything goes well with the rest of the pregnancy, there will be no need for me to have any more ultrasounds, so the next time we see bubs will be when he or she is in my arms. Roll on the next four months or so. At this stage, all is looking good for a home birth.

I have spent some time this week sorting out baby clothes. It was amazing how much stuff we had accumulated. I decided I didn't need even half of it, so boxed some stuff up for my niece who is expecting a baby a few weeks after me. I have also listed a couple of boxes of clothing to sell on trademe which is NZ's equivalent of eBay. I'd then use that money to buy some new clothes for the baby in the right gender. So, that way everyone wins and I don't have to store all this extra gear that we probably won't ever use. It's been quite fun actually. I also bought a new bassinette as I want to use a free standing one this time around rather than a hanging one as I did with the last two. I still feel like I have a million and one things to do before the baby comes and despite it being several months away, it seems like I need to rush to prepare. We are going to have to have the baby in our room for the first few months as there is no way we will get the nursery even up to a standard that we can have the baby in, so our little one will have to be with us for a little while. I have however restrained myself from setting up the bassinette and cot and other baby gear in our room for a little while.

Well, that is about it for this week. Catch you all next week.

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