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Week 21
~ Negative Public Reaction

The past week has been quite an emotional one. Those pregnancy hormones must be racing again as I have burst into tears on a few occasions without any explanation. It's very frustrating especially when trying to convince my husband that there really isn't anything wrong.

I guess the whole situation hasn't helped due to some old up herself woman at the doctor's surgery this week. I had to take Eli in to the doctor to get some meds for his allergies. I checked in at the reception and then made my way to the waiting room carrying my youngest on my hip, my handbag balanced on my other arm and my 2 year old daughter holding my hand. We sat down a few seats away from an elderly woman. She put her magazine down on her lap that she was reading, looked up over her glasses and said to me, "Well, you've come a few months too late." My immediate reaction was one of misunderstanding. "Sorry"? I exclaimed with a puzzled look on my face. She then looked down at my pregnant belly with a slight eye raising and nod of the head to indicate where she was looking and then remarked "contraception" before picking up her magazine again to continue reading. Oh my goodness gracious me, I almost felt like socking her one. How dare she even remark on my choice in family planning. I proceeded to tell her in the politest possible way that every one of my children were very much planned and well provided for before heading off to the other side of the waiting room. But my frustration levels were a little high for the remainder of the day. Is that what people are really thinking when they see me hobbling down the street pregnant with two toddlers already in tow? I never really thought of it to be much of an issue before but it seems to be for some people. I've also had a couple of people make remarks such as "Gosh, you're going to have your hands full." I've always just laughed it off. Maybe next time I will tell them that my hands may be full, but not as full as my heart or something like that. I'm going to be prepared for the next inconsiderate soul who decides to inform me that my choices in family planning may not be too wise.

For us, it's more weighing up the issue of being a stay-at-home mum versus working. I would love to stay at home with my kids if money were not an issue. But in reality, being a stay-at-home mum and not bringing in a second income is not going to be practical for much longer. I want to return to work but I also want to be at home for my kids. So, having our children close together seems the best option for doing both in as short amount of time as possible. I think society is going to see a lot more women having children closer together for that reason. So, I really do feel that we are doing what is best for our family even if the reaction of others is negative.

I have been feeling a lot better this week. I have even gained my energy back after such a long time of feeling unwell. I almost deliberated about getting started this morning on painting the house, but my logic got the better of me.

Well, that's about it for week 21. One week closer.

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