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Angela's Pregnancy Journal

Week 22
~ The Preparation Has Begun

Angela andIt is amazing how much gear you really don't need when you have a baby. I have had such a huge sort out of all the stuff that I'm not likely to use this time around and have gotten rid of it. I don't see the sense in hoarding everything in case I might use it. I had four boxes of baby clothing destined for the charity store and another couple of boxes of good clothing that is the wrong sex and have sold it off. I made a bit of money on it to buy some stuff that I will require such a new car seat. The children will all move up one, so will need to buy my eldest a new seat and will also require a baby capsule. (I only just learnt that the word capsule is a NZ term and not widely used elsewhere). It refers to the smallest car seat for under 9kgs and is rear facing. I'm rather thankful that we already have a 7-seater vehicle, otherwise we would need to sort that one too. I guess buying the van was a bit of forward thinking anyway. So, the spring cleaning of all the baby gear has begun and the house is slowly getting in order from our shift a couple of months ago. It is going to be a long four months ahead with all the work we need to do between now and the time baby is born.

angelaI am starting to feel big now. There is no mistaking my pregnancy. My tummy feels like it stands out a mile. I made a total botch up of painting my toenails this week mainly because I could hardly reach them. I will try and convince hubby to do them for me next week. That will be interesting. I'm not sure what will be worse - him painting my nails or me doing them myself and messing them up anyway.

We had some family portrait photos taken last week. It was a fundraiser activity for the kids' daycare centre. I'm quite pleased with the pictures. We got all the ones taken on a disc rather than a few printed copies, so we can do what we like with them. I've placed a couple of here for you to see.

Well, that's it for another week. 22 down and 18 to go. Yikes!

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