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Angela's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 23 & 24
~ Pelvic problems, hot flushes, and stretch marks

Sorry to have to combine these two weeks. What a hectic time it has been with the Christmas preparations. Here in New Zealand it is the height of summer and the temperature is driving me nuts. It is just so darn hot. The kids' paddling pool has become a favourite spot and I am so grateful for the ceiling fans in every room in our house which is helping to keep the heat down. I know that your body temperature rises during pregnancy, but I'm sure I'm having hot flushes above and beyond the call of pregnancy. We went to the beach yesterday and the breeze was so lovely despite the kids complaining of it being cold, I was still sweltering.

I have been having some issue with my pelvis. With the last pregnancy, it was found that my pelvis hadn't gone back together properly before becoming pregnant again and my pelvis was slightly out of alignment which meant that carrying another baby was difficult as I wasn't balanced properly and couldn't put my full weight on my left leg. Well, the exact same thing is happening this time around and I'm having difficulty putting weight on my left side again. I had a midwife visit this week and she put in a referral for a physio, but it's not likely anything will happen until after New Year's. Everything else was going well with baby at the midwife appointment. We listened to baby's heartbeat again and Evelyn came in with me to the appointment and enjoyed the whole process too.

I am becoming quite itchy on my tummy and I know it is stretch marks starting to appear. I'm having to try and remember to rub cocoa butter into my tummy every evening, but I'm terrible at remembering. I have a few stretch marks from the last two pregnancies, but this time the itching is beyond bearable. I don't seem to be as big this time around, so hoping that I don't get too many more.

Well, here goes Christmas. Hope you all have a good one and a happy new year too. Catch you all next week.

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