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Week 25
~ Christmas, Fainting & Painting

Christmas seemed to be quite rushed this year. It was the first year for us where Christmas meant something for Evelyn and she was aware of the concept of gifts and Santa and eagerly awaited Christmas morning. So, Christmas became quite fun for us and was a great bribe as Santa only comes to good boys and girls. I certainly used that to my advantage this week.

I seem to be the cook of the family and landed up with a list of Christmas items to prepare for our Christmas dinner. I quite enjoy cooking and tried out some new things too. I got to do most of the deserts and spent a very busy day in the kitchen making pavlovas, cheesecakes, and a pile of sweet treats. We also do the American tradition of making gingerbread houses. It's not something you see a lot of here in New Zealand and we always enjoy doing it. Both the kids loved decorating it and eating it too. I think it will definitely become a favourite Christmas activity in our household.

I am finding now that I can only stand up for about 10-15 minutes. My blood pressure seems to get quite low and if I'm not careful I land up fainting. So, the Christmas preparations have not been as easy as in the past. This week my poor boy landed up under me when I fell to the floor in a fainting episode while preparing food in the kitchen. I came round with him screaming and his arms and legs wigging underneath me. I'll have to be more careful as it gave us both a fright. I find that it's not too much of a problem providing I sit down and eat regularly. It is incredibly frustrating as there is so much I'd like to do and get done but land up having to plod along at about half pace. I wish there was something that could be done about low blood pressure, but no one seems to be worried if it's low - only if it's high. It just makes life incredibly hard at times.

New Year's Eve was spent painting. We had a big family get together and got everyone on the end of a paint brush. We managed to paint most of the outside of the house but ran out of paint for some of the fences and the roof and trimmings. So, this Saturday we're getting everyone back as well as some people from Church who are coming to help too. We should get the whole thing finished. Last week, I became too impatient and managed to paint the entrance way as I was eager to see the colours we'd chosen. It must have looked rather odd to the neighbours seeing me 6 months pregnant standing on a ladder painting the house. So on the working bee, I was banished from the ladder and made to stand on solid ground if I wanted to paint. I landed up spending a bit of time in the kitchen preparing food and fetching everyone drinks. So, it worked out well in the end. I can't wait to have the painting all finished at the weekend.

This week has been a busy week with Christmas and New Year and the house painting. It's weeks like this that I sure wish I wasn't pregnant so I can do more. I'm going to be counting down the weeks soon. I find the last couple of months difficult and the heat really isn't making things easy either. Well, that's week 25 done and dusted. Catch you all next week.


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