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Week 27
~ More Baby Conversations With Miss 2

Well, the depression has subsided a little this week as I've made a big effort to try and stay on top of it. All I have wanted to do is hibernate and sleep away the next few months, but the reality of having toddlers to deal with and a household to run has kept be on my feet and kept me sane.

I have had such a fun week this week talking about the baby with my daughter. Evelyn has been able to feel baby kick and now enjoys putting her hand on my tummy to see if the baby is awake or sleeping. Here are a couple of conversations about the baby I have had with her. Kids can say the funniest things at times.

Evelyn: Mummy, who gave you the baby belly? Did Santa give you for Christmas?
Me: No, sweetie, Santa didn't give me the baby belly.
Evelyn: Ohhh, how did you get the baby belly?
Me: Daddy gave it to me.
Evelyn: Can daddy take it out now so we can wrap it and put it under the Christmas tree.

Evelyn: Mummy, Mummy, I want big boobies
Me: Oh, why is that?
Evelyn: Cause baby (her doll) is crying and milkies not working. My boobies not big enough.
Me: You'll get big boobies one day sweetie
Evelyn: I want big boobies now. It not working. You have to feed my doll mummy.
Me: But how will Mummy feed the new baby when it comes? We might need to save all Mummy's milkies.
Evelyn: No, silly Mummy. You have two boobies. See . . .

On other news, we have been enjoying the summer break. Hadley has been off work this week. We usually go away on a camping holiday after New Year's, but this year decided against it. I really didn't feel like sleeping on an airbed or stretcher and having to try and keep track of two toddlers under the age of three in a camping ground. I just really wanted to stay home this year and with having recently moved to the area, we were able to check out some of the beaches we hadn't yet explored and spend some quality time together. We have also spent a bit of time finishing off more of the house painting. We've only got a little more to do now. Thank goodness for family who have also given us a hand.


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