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Angela's Pregnancy Journal

Week 28
~ Belly Fun

bellyprintTo celebrate the start of the third trimester, we had a bit of fun painting my belly. My daughter decided that hand prints would be a good idea, so out came the paint and we all took turns to put a print on my belly. I think it looked so cute and is symbolic of our family unity.

It has been so hot here of late and the heat has been getting to me. At times, it has been 30 degrees Celsius inside and that is with the ceiling fans going and a breeze flowing through the house. The kitchen seems to be the hottest place in the house and cooking the evening meal has been a nightmare. On a couple of days this week, I've had to leave it until Hadley has come home from work so that he can stand in the kitchen cooking, because the heat has been unbearable for me.

handprint bellyThis week, I have been very out of breath. It doesn't take much for me to feel the need to sit down and feel dizzy coupled with hot flushes. How annoying! I am becoming worried about my iron levels as this was something I experienced with the last pregnancy in which I became anaemic. I had my polycose test this week and blood tests for iron, so I should get the results from that soon if there is something wrong. It was actually quite nice to leave the kids with their Nana while I sat in the waiting room reading all about the royal family in a magazine at the medlab. I had to drink a vile sugar drink and wait around for an hour before taking the bloods. Believe it or not, it was a nice break and reading magazines isn't something I often get to do.


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