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Angela's Pregnancy Journal

Week 29
~ Midwife Troubles

I don't know whether or not it is just hormones getting to me or I have a valid reason to feel annoyed and upset. I'm just having bad vibes about my current midwife. I can't really be assured that I am being cared for properly. After two referrals being missed and her not contacting me about my blood test results or polycose test results and having to go through my doctor to find them out, I'm somewhat annoyed. The polycose came back fine, but my iron levels were incredibly low. Several times, I've felt the need to speak with her on the phone and found her unhelpful.

Well, after an upsetting week of feeling that things are not going to work out with my midwife, I've decided to see if there is someone else around who is willing to take me on. Midwives are in short supply here and getting someone to agree to take me on this late in the pregnancy is going to be a mission. It may not be so bad if I plan on having a hospital birth, but it might be more of a problem with a homebirth. Here in New Zealand, you have to have two midwives present at birth in case anything happens to both the mother and baby, then there are two people present to deal with it.

Well, after two days on the phone to almost every midwife in Taranaki, I still can't find anyone. I did manage to find two midwives who will take me on but there is no guarantee that I will land up having them at the birth or be able to have a homebirth as they are going away on holiday around the time I am due. So, I am still in the same awkward position and no better off. I still have a couple more to try and hope that one of them can take me.

I've been thinking a bit about doing away with the midwives totally and going for an unassisted birth, but not sure that I can plan that without having some sort of apprehension that something could potentially go wrong and then I'll feel guilty about it for a lifetime. So, I guess if I can't find a new midwife, I'll have no choice but to opt for a hospital birth. So at the moment, I'm feeling quite down about the whole issue. It hasn't been a great week. Let's hope that next week things turn out for the better and I know what is happening.


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