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Week 30
~ Midwife Success at Last

Great news and progress since my last entry! I have managed to find a new midwife. Yippee. I left a message on one midwife's answer phone several times and after still no response, my husband rang her and managed to speak with her. He explained the situation and how upset I have been about the whole issue. She spoke with me, got some details and then promised to get back to me within 24 hours. She needed to secure a second midwife to be present at the birth. So, it all depended on that. I landed up ringing her back and she agreed to take me. I haven't met her yet, but she will do all the prenatal visits at my home which works out great. It means I don't have to drag my two toddlers out with me to go to the appointments and it is easier to fit around everything else, especially when I will now be on fortnightly appointments and then weekly ones a little closer to the due date. This makes such a change from only seeing my hopeless last midwife every seven weeks. So, a huge burden has been lifted from my shoulders and I'm feeling much better about the planned homebirth.

It felt so good to contact my old midwife and get her to send my records through to the new midwife. I got to have a good old complain about how unhappy and annoyed I am. Gosh did it feel great. I have since learnt that she has lost quite a few clients for the same reason, so now I am extra happy about giving her the ditch.

On other pregnancy issues, heartburn and indigestion has been driving me nuts. I can't recall it being this bad with other pregnancies. They say that the baby will have lots of hair if you get bad indigestion, but I guess we'd have to see about that. Ten more weeks to go and counting.

All the baby clothing is now washed and put away in baby's own drawers, the cot and bassinette is now set up and ready to go, the blankets are washed, the change table is ready to go and I think we are almost set. Still need to get some disposable nappies and a few bits and pieces and sort out a carseat, but otherwise it's just a waiting game now.

Week 30 was also celebrated with my 30th birthday. Quite fitting really. My mother-in-law had the kids for the weekend and Hadley and I got to go out for a nice evening meal and a romantic walk along the beach. I also had some friends and family come around in the afternoon which brightened me up quite a bit. I had a really good day and felt really excited and happy about everything including turning another decade older.

Well, that's about it for this week. Catch you all next week.


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